Tuesday, April 21, 2015


What is a superhero made of?

In my world, my superhero is the one who is able to make me laugh even when I'm angry and about to explode. And he does it so brilliantly every single time that I never had a chance to explode. Until this day I still wonder how on earth he was able to do it time and time again. But then again that's just one of his super powers, I suppose! :-D

My superhero is also someone who listens well and doesn't try to fix things for me. He is present and he's there for me, but he lets me do the work myself and he lets me find my own path. He doesn't criticize my choices, but he supports me to do whatever I choose to do as long as it's something that doesn't hurt myself or other people.

My superhero is someone who is able to make me love myself more when I'm with him. He accepts me the way I am and he is so very patient with my moods and my cranky self whenever she rears her grumpy head. He's also the only one who can make me feel like I'm a very funny person. 

My superhero doesn't like making me worry, so he'd send me an SMS to let me know when he will come home back late due to a job stint even before I have a chance to worry. 

My superhero isn't perfect, but I'm very thankful to have had him in my life. Thank you for being you, honey! LOVE YOU even more as time goes by!!!! This one's for you!


  1. I like the sound of your super hero. You're a great team.

  2. Yeah, it's nice to be a part of a great team. :-D