Friday, September 28, 2012

Old Nintendo Games

Hubby found a website filled with old portable Nintendo games, but you can actually play it on your PC. One of the games that I used to play in my childhood was:

SO MUCH FUN!!! (click on the link and you'll be able to find other games there, too)

I remember having a Snoopy game on a Nintendo, as well. The bad thing about this type of game was that you couldn't really save anything, so after you reached such high levels, if you died, then you had to start ALL over again from the beginning he he he he...I also seem to remember some kind of cowboy shooting game that was really fun belonging to my cousin. I think the Octopus game also belonged to a cousin of mine.

What kind of portable Nintendo games did you play in your childhood (if any)? 

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I'm TOO HAPPY not to write this right away he he he he...I can TASTE food agaaaaiiiinnnn!!!! 



After 18 days of not being able to taste anything much (except sweet stuff), it was such a DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE when I had dinner just now and then realized that, " tastes GREAT and I can really taste the spices, too!" 


WELCOME BACK, Appetite, My Dear Friend!!!!

Ahem...OK let me calm down now a little and also tell you how embarrassed I was today when hubby came back home and I wanted to give him a warm welcome by doing some crazy dance moves. When he came into the entrance hall, I thought he was talking on the phone with his brother, so I continued my crazy dance moves (nothing sensual, mind you, just silly dance moves to make him laugh) and then when he opened the door towards the living room, I FROZE when I saw another head behind him.


He was with a coworker (never happened before) and there I was, doing silly crazy dance moves in front of them. I stopped right away, said hello and then ran towards the computer room HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Ahem...bad R2 laughed his ass off after his friend left our place. Bad boyyyy he he he he...

3BT: Random Days

1. Having a laid back hubby who doesn't even complain when I couldn't cook him regular meals or clean up the house due to my flu.

2. The sore throat is finally seeming to go away (fingers crossed!). The past few weeks of having horrible sore throat reminds me of how LOVELY it is NOT to feel any pain on the throat! I still have no appetite but at least no more sore throat! YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!

3. Watching hubby crazily mimicking Morgana's evil grins (from Merlin TV series). SO FUNNY! ;-D

4. I begged hubby to make some pancakes and he did make some. :-D *spoiled brat alert*

5. My Mom's finally booked the trip with her friend to go to Taiwan for a week. It makes me happy to see her able to enjoy her golden days 'coz I can just imagine how excited she is. :-D

6. Last Sunday for some reason I had some pain on the chest and I had more trouble breathing while lying down (my throat felt half blocked due to phlegm but no matter what I tried, I couldn't let the phlegm out) and hubby was so worried. And I'm SO glad the pain didn't continue and the next day it didn't happen again! That was REALLY scary!

Oh, and I'm ESPECIALLY THANKFUL that I didn't get this sick during our holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. My dear friend who's moving with her family to Rovaniemi gave me one of their old kicksleds. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the gift!!! I'm gonna MISS YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heviz #2

OK, let's carry on with the holiday pics again, shall we? 

In Heviz we went to Aiyara Thai Massage 'coz we're both crazy about massages.We went there twice actually ha ha...the first time we tried the traditional Thai massage without really knowing what it was like (the other times we had massages, we had only tried oil massages and Balinese massage as well as deep tissue massage), so we were in for a little surprise when we found out what it was like. They really worked on your sore spots using their arms as well as gravity and their feet, as well. However, afterwards we felt REALLY relaxed and there were no more sore spots whatsoever, even on the soles of our feet.

The second time around, we tried oil massage and it was nice and relaxing, but I think that they are better at traditional Thai massages because we've had better oil massages. Still it was worth it, though he he...The best part of Aiyara Thai Massage was that the owners spoke English very well. In fact, the guy who works there was VERY friendly without being nosy, so it was really a pleasure to talk to him. :-D 

Anyway, here are some pics of the Centrum in Heviz. 

Below is the stage for bands 'coz of the upcoming St. Stephen's Day. The two "towers" on the far right are the entrance to Heviz Thermal Lake. On the left side of the pic is the bus stop.

Wine and food stalls outside Heviz Thermal Lake. Unfortunately right after St. Stephen's Day was over, they were all gone. :-(

Some pics of downtown Heviz:

We went to that cafe to eat some cakes (actually I bought some cakes, R2 had coffee and ice-cream) he he he...The cakes are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! :-D

Here are two pics of me on two different occasions, eating two different types of cakes ha ha...And yeah, we sat on the exact same table 'coz R2 insisted on it HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

And here's R2 with his HUGE kiwi ice-cream. Unfortunately I don't remember anymore how much they cost, but I don't recall them being too expensive, though he they must be decently priced. :-D

And we tried Kürtőskalács or "Chimney Cake" or "Stove Cake" for the first time in Heviz. Turned out it was more expensive than the ones sold in Keszthely. The one in Heviz costs 600 HUF (€ 2,2) whereas the one in Keszthely costs 450 HUF (€ 1,7).

Here's a pic of us resting and enjoying the shade near Heviz Thermal Lake. The lake is surrounded by some shady parks. 

Last pic of the day...some cute looking bottles sold in a souvenir shop in Heviz. There are SO many more souvenir shops in Heviz compared to downtown Keszthely. Each of us found a pair of rather cheap jeans there in Heviz, so if you want to go shopping, then Heviz is a good place to start. :-D

Monday, September 24, 2012

Heviz #1

Hi, people! I'm on the mend - very slowly, though. Still coughing and still phlegmy and my throat is still sore, but at least for the past few days I've managed to get more rest 'coz the cough isn't as bad as it was, but still no appetite. OK, let's just carry on with our holiday post, shall we?

We went to Heviz a few times from Keszthely. The bus trip to Heviz cost 250 HUF/person (a little less than €1) and it lasts about 20 minutes. We took a local map from the tourist info in order to browse around places of interest there. Unlike Keszthely, which was rather flat, Heviz was hilly, so it was tough to walk around the place on very hot days he he he...

Anyway, here are some cute houses we saw around Heviz.

Don't you think these geese just look SO adorable? While walking around the area, they just caught my eye and I felt happy looking at them.

This one below is located in downtown Heviz. 

We found this blue church somewhere near Centrum. 

 Here's the roof of the church.

Here's an explanation of the church.

And then we kept on walking to find what the map said to be some ancient Roman relics. It was rather hard to find, you know? And by that time we had walked so far from Centrum and my bladder started screaming for relief already. There were nothing much there in the area except for houses, so I was SO relieved to find that there was a really nice, clean toilet right outside the relics area. Here are the pics of the toilet he he he...

I laughed when I read this note on the inner wall of the toilet. What if you need to use the toilet for over 20 minutes and there are people outside? The door will automatically open and GASSSSPPPPP...he he he he he he...

And here I am standing right outside the relics area with my guard dog ha ha...

The area was really small (on the left side of R2) and I don't really think it was worth looking for, actually. No wonder there were NOBODY there except us!!!!

OK, I think I'll end this post here and in the next post I'll show you more pics of the centrum in Heviz. Take care, people!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sick of Being Sick

Still alive...though not as kicking as usual (read: VERY grumpy). Waiting for my appointment at the health care centre. Yesterday I went to work, thinking I could make it 'coz I had no fever anymore and my throat didn't feel sore anymore. I didn't feel as energized as usual, but I was armed with ibuprofen and coughing syrup.

The first few hours went fine, but then after 3,5 hours I started to feel dizzy and then my breathing became laborious and not long after that I felt nauseous. And right on...finally I threw up. My breathing became normal again after that, but I got so tired, so I was given permission to leave early (thankful for my coworker who could stay later and my understanding supervisor!). I told them that I wouldn't come today, either, because I'm going to the health care centre. 

Forcing to work today would have been more challenging after all, because yesterday I could get by with just sitting at the till, but today I would have had to do more physical work than just being at the till and I don't think I could cope with that yet. My head still feels weird until now, though yesterday when I started working it felt fine. UGH!!!

I still have no appetite since last week's Sunday and that feels like a torture 'coz I LOVE food. Now, though, even if you give me my most fave food in the world, I don't feel like eating it and some food just aggravates my throat and makes me cough uncontrollably. I'll be SO happy once my body overcomes this batch of flu viruses!!! 

Anyway, just to let you know why I still haven't written new blog posts. I've been trying to rest as much as I can, though the frustrating thing is that my cough won't let me sleep well. I hope you're all feeling healthy 'coz I certainly miss my health!!!!! So TAKE CARE, people! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Autumnal Bugs

I've been busy with work after the holiday was over and then I got sick. I'm still not feeling 100% well yet, but I'm gradually getting better. It's the usual time of the year for me to catch viruses. Ugh!!! 

Anyhow, I still have some more holiday posts, but that have to wait until later 'coz my brain's still a bit murky (if I can call it that). At the moment, though, I'm trying to rest while watching X-factor videos on youtube ha ha...

And this one touched me in so many different levels, so hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!! There are so many other auditions that also wowed me, but this one stays close in my heart. :-))))

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Festetics Palace

One of the free museums on St. Stephen's Day was the Festetics Palace. Concerts are also held here every now and then. Unfortunately we couldn't take any pics of the inside of the palace, but I was really impressed by the LIBRARY!!! It was a gorgeous room with wooden carvings all around the place and the amount of books are just impressive. :-D 

Anyway, here are some pictures of the palace building and its surroundings.

This is the entrance of the palace from the shopping street/Centrum:

The palace...

You can see an air balloon in the background near the tower:

Lots of lovely flowers in the garden:

Found this tree near one part of the palace. Not sure what kind of tree it is, though. Anyone???

I thought that the tree resembles an elephant.

We were enjoying the shade provided by the elephant-looking tree (and resting our weary feet):

Here's another view of the palace when the fountain was running:

And here's R2 checking out the sudial. He said it was an hour behind ha ha...

Here are two video clips of the palace. The first one is the palace and its outer garden:

The second one is the palace and the inner garden:

On St. Stephen's Day, the inner garden is closed for public and you can only get inside if you pay a certain fee because they held a wine tasting party in the inner garden, but we didn't get in because we're not wine drinkers he he he...

OK, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed the pics and video clip. Oh yeah, after getting inside we found out that we could have gotten up to the tower if we paid a certain fee (if not mistaken 500 HUF/person), but we thought we didn't need it because it was supposed to be a free day to tour around the museum. We didn't want to go back there because there were SO many people going inside that day, so we just skipped the whole tower thing.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

St. Stephen's Day

Before going to Hungary, I contacted a Hungarian friend to ask if she had travel tips or recommendation for us. She then told us about St. Stephen's Day on August 20th and I was grateful for her info, because had she not told us about this, we wouldn't have known. She told us that most shops would be closed that day and that there would probably be special programs to commemorate the day.

In Keszthely itself and the beach, a few days prior to August 20th and most especially on August 19th, we felt the festive mood. They had bands playing in the beach for a few days prior to the day and there were lots of food and wine stalls as well as a few souvenir stalls. Here are some of them:

In the first pic I failed to capture the moment when some water came out of some of the holes on the ground behind R2. That was why the area looks very wet ha ha...

One of the bands performing...

One of the food stalls...

The closed-up picture of the food sold by the above stall. It cost 600 HUF (€ 2.2) in Heviz, but only 450 HUF (€ 1.6) in Keszthely. In the pic below, we were in Heviz. I wanted to buy one more before going back to Budapest, but alas...the stall that sold this was closed after St. Stephen's Day! :-(

One lovely marzipan stall:

There were also some stalls intended for kids like this one behind R2. We secretly called the balls "Hamster Cages" he he he...

And then a few days before St. Stephen's Day we went to a tourist info office in Keszthely and THANK GOD this time the woman spoke English. She said that there would be fireworks on August 20th and she showed us the leaflet with some programs on it. She herself didn't particularly know the performing bands, but at least it was enough for us to know the schedule.

I then asked if everything would be closed on August 20th and she said that big stores and supermarkets would be closed, but museums would still be open as well as restaurants. In fact, some of the museums were free on August 20th, so we made a point NOT to visit those museums before August 20th so that we wouldn't have to pay HA HA HA HA HA...ahem...

Anyway, I personally feel that after August 20th all the places become SO quiet, including Heviz and Keszthely. The guy who was at the Thai massage place said that around Balaton area, it's always like that after August 20th. All the private souvenir stores are closed earlier than before and there are no more food and wine stalls in Heviz as well.

The pic below is a pic of the stage in Heviz, though we never stayed in Heviz long enough to enjoy any of the performers there, but we did see a few performers in Keszthely beach and in Centrum.

The two "towers" on the right is the entrance to the famous Heviz Thermal Bath. The bus stops are directly on the left side of this photo, so it's very convenient for people who want to go to this thermal bath. 

Here's another view of Heviz Thermal Bath taken from the air balloon just to remind you that it's a HUGE area.

On August 20th there were SO MANY PEOPLE in the beach area, waiting for the firework display. I suppose many of them were the locals themselves. I was a bit worried that we wouldn't be able to watch the firework comfortably 'coz I'm a short woman (145 cm), but thankfully the beach is a huge area and the people didn't stand too close to one another so we had clear views of the fireworks. Here are some firework photos (silly me, I only found out last year that our camera had a firework mode! Doh!).

I took lots of pics, but some of them failed 'coz I obviously clicked at the wrong second ha ha ha...

It started at 9 pm and lasted about 15-20 minutes. In the beginning they shot only smaller fireworks but then they got bigger and bigger and bigger. Lovely! :-D