Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day Sky Galore

We had a relaxing Christmas and on Christmas Day, I woke up at around 10 am and then went out for a walk as the sun was rising and I noticed that the sky was absolutely gorgeous. I knew I only had limited time to enjoy the sky (perhaps around half an hour), so I went out to take some photos and videos. 

Photos can't do justice as the beautiful hues are everywhere around me, so took some videos with my new mobile phone to test out how good the result could be. The fingers of my right hand were totally frozen and painfully numb as I had to take off my right hand glove to take the videos. The temperature was -25'C. It took at least five more minutes before I could feel my hand again, but it was worth the pain he he he he he he...As the different hues were across the whole sky, as I was walking to the bridge of Kitinen River, I even walked backwards at some point during my walk just to admire the different colours at different parts of the sky. Awesome!

But first, here are some photos...Click to see bigger views. Enjoy!

And here are the two videos...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

We went on a mini break last weekend on a whim. We accidentally had time off together and when we browsed through the accommodation online, I found a decent one with a cheap price, so we went to Levi. Levi is a famous skiing place in Lapland and they organize world championships there as well (not sure how often, though). It's about 100 km to the north from Sodankylä. Hubby had been saying that he'd take me there someday, so that was it. :-)

It was truly Winter Wonderland and we both enjoyed the fact that it wasn't too crowded and the people there naturally started using English with me he he...Hubby said it was refreshing to hear English in his own home country. One very interesting thing was that the supermarket there provided lots more types of exotic fruit, even the ones that I can't find here. Of course the prices of those exotic fruit were horrendous (about €24-25 per kg whereas the price of bananas can be as low as €1,20/kg) but still it was fascinating to see. We didn't go skiing, but went bowling. :-)

Here are some photos I took there and I turned one of them into a Christmas card. The barrel photo was taken in one of the restaurants and I only took the photo because I liked the text. :-)

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas (to those celebrating it) and a peaceful end of the year and a refreshing new year!

Monday, December 15, 2014


Hubby is a quiet person and most of the time he doesn't talk much. That's why whenever he's in a talkative mood, I always listen with gusto because it isn't a daily occurrence. Most of the time when I ask him questions, though, he has a way to answer me with his many one-liners. I got the idea to write this post during one of our sauna sessions, believe it or not he he he he...

Here are ten examples of his one-liners (there are more but I won't bore you LOL!):

1. "Because."

When I ask him why, sometimes it drives me crazy to hear him say this. And he can be stubborn enough to repeat the word over and over if I keep insisting on knowing why.

2. "Why not?"

This is another variation of his not wanting to explain to me his reason of why he wants to do something. The difference is that, if he says this, I don't normally insist on knowing why.

3. "Maybe."

This usually leans more towards the chance of it happening/coming true. Usually said regarding our plan together (for example to go to the cabin).

4. "We'll see."

This has a 50-50% chance of happening. Usually said regarding our plan together (for example to go to the cabin).

5. "Shit happens."

Oftentimes he says this to comfort me, especially if I confide in him that I've done some mistakes or I've done something embarrassing. I really love the fact that he never gives me any advice and lets me make my own decisions when it comes to things I need to decide on my own.

6. Another one of his fave one liners is him saying the exact same word in Finnish whose meaning I wanted to know. So if I asked, "What's the meaning of pink?" then he'd answer, "Pink." Yep, his way to tease me! Bad boy!

7. "It (or whatever the subject was) could be."

This is usually said when he tries to pull my leg. For example if I said that something didn't happen, then he may say, "It could be."

8. "You should knoooooowwwwww!" (desperate tone)

This usually happens when he's been ransacking the house when he's looking for something and then he asks me where it can be, but I have no idea because I wasn't the one using it the last time. 

9. "You."

Usually the case is when I think he did X, but he thought I was the one who did it and none of us wanted to lose the battle, so we're like little kids who keep saying back and forth in an accusatory (joking) voice, "You" over and over and over again until one of us stops it he he...

10. "So?"

Usually this word comes out as a result of my stating something that he's not interested in, something obvious, even though I say it to him to get him to respond. And it naturally ends up in my rolling my eye he he he he he...

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Couples Shirts

When we were in Universal Studios Singapore, I was thinking of buying the same Minions T-shirts for the both of us so we could wear them together occasionally, but unfortunately hubby thought it was a bad idea. :-( I got the idea to wear the same shirt when I saw a couple of my regular customers wearing the same shirt and I thought they looked cool together (they're not young anymore, in their 40s), so I thought we could also do the same! Especially because when we bought the tickets to Universal Studios, we were given discount vouchers as well (10%). 

In the end, I didn't buy any souvenirs from Universal Studios. However, if hubby had been willing to wear the same T-shirt, I would have definitely bought us the same ones, because I love the Minions! HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

Writing this actually reminds me of my childhood. I was quite the jealous big sister when I was little and whenever someone gave my brother some clothes, I'd want to have the exact same kind. So my grandma learned early on that when she was going to give my brother something, she'd make sure to buy the same kind for me. In my parents' house I remember seeing a photo of me wearing similar pyjamas as my brother he he he he...

When I was a teenager, a friend of mine bought the same kind of drawstring pouch with a long strap. It was black and white polkadot and we used to go to the malls with the same kind of pouch (we put our wallets there). It felt nice to have a buddy with the same kind of pouch. 

Have you ever worn the same shirts/bought the same thing as someone else because you feel like it?

Anyway, here's the Minions Christmas song he he he...enjoy!


Saturday, December 06, 2014

3BT: Random Days

1. This funny conversation between two female and a male at a supermarket.

F#1: (tapping the other female's shoulder in front of her) "Good evening, girl."
F#2: (turning around) "Oh, good evening, girl."
M: (behind the two of them) "Evening, girls."
F#1: (turning around) "Evening, boy. Well, we are both girls and you are indeed a boy."

Hint: All three of them were retired HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHH...LOVE a good sense of humour!

2. Hubby went away for a pre-Christmas party with his boss and coworkers and I got a sweet SMS from him. 

3. Despite the fact that someone got sick at work and there was nobody else to replace her and it was the day before Finnish Independence Day (when the store got closed), it went very well at work. 

4. Our store is closed for Independence Day, so everybody at work definitely gets a day off. :-D 

5. Listening to this Christmas song: