Friday, February 27, 2015


I was in a huge mansion last night. The rooms were big and the dining table was huge. I was simply awed at being able to be in such a place. I don't know if I was myself or if I was somebody else at this point in my dream. The host organized a party of some sort and he had arranged a very beautiful white dress for me. It was so gorgeous that I felt like I was in a dream to even be wearing such a thing LOL! 

Then the scene changed and I was out of Capitalia (whatever that means). There I met a cousin of mine and my aunt (mom's eldest sister). It was actually very nice to see that aunt in my dream, because I didn't get to meet her the last time I visited Indo. Anyway, so I knew somehow that my cousin and my aunt lived in that place that I was sent to, but I was desperate to go back to Capitalia. The problem was that I had no money and didn't know the area. I had no map with me, but I knew it was a long way from Capitalia. I did try to visit my aunt again to get some help, but when I noticed her leg problem (she was limping and was in some sort of pain), I decided to slip away from her place and decided to try to walk back to Capitalia.

I remember having to walk across this type of pond, but when I tried to hop to the other side, something leapt out of the water and bite me, as if they were trying to stop me from going. I think first it was a fish and then on my next try, it was a frog. Ouchhhhh!!! It hurt! Yet I had to go back to Capitalia no matter what it cost. And then I woke up LOL!

What a weird dream! In another patch of dream that I woke up to, there was my Junior High School friend who wasn't confident about singing who finally found his voice (this is not a true story, it was just in the dream he became that kind of person). He was stunned at how beautiful his singing voice was when he finally had the guts to sing and it was such a nice experience to be able to witness a moment like that in someone's life, even though it's only a dream he he...but no more biting fish or frogs, please! ;-D

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fictional Place to Visit

I'm running out of ideas on what to write, so I was browsing online for something that could help me with it ha ha...There's this question I found here: "If you could visit one fictional place for one day, where would you choose to go and why?"

I had a hard time choosing one, because I'm a greedy person LOL!!! Then I figured it out! My answer would be The Holodeck in the Star Trek series. Going into the Holodeck means I'll be able to go to any fictional place that I want HA HA HA HA HA HA...So depending on my mood, I can play as Sherlock Holmes or become even an elf in The Lord of the Rings or whatever I want in the course of that one day instead of just being in one fictional place LOL!!!

In the wikipedia page, it's said that the Holodeck is good for entertainment purposes but it can also be used for training purposes. How cool is that? Ever since the first time I saw it years and years back on TV, I've always been daydreaming about being able to use it. 

Here's more info and photos on Holodeck (I grew up with Star Trek: The Next Generation with Captain Picard as the leader). Just looking at the photos brought me back to the past he he he...

What would your answer be like, readers?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

3BT: Random Days

1. Been busy with work, but it feels great to reward myself every now and then with these lovely chocolate eggs. Although it's crazy that they've started selling them way ahead of time, I'm glad that they exist ha ha...

2. Going on a walk on a sunny day on my day off. Here's a LOOOONNNGG shadow of mine. Love the sun on my back, warming it up. Oh, and I got to see a pair of squirrels on my walk. So cute!

3. Finding one of the gifts for hubby's upcoming birthday (on a discount YAY!). It's safely hidden somewhere. Now need to find the other gift (still wondering what I should choose).

4. Finding two pairs of cheap jeans (one pair cost €10, whereas the other pair cost €15).

5. MIL helped me shorten those jeans using her sewing machine. Bless her! 

6. Working together with hubby to clear up the thick pile of snow on the roof. 

7. This sight on my lovely walk:

 8. Fried brain. The other day I was SO tired that I was going to string this sentence in my head, "Oh boy, it's unbelievable that they've started selling Easter eggs already!" in Finnish. However, my slow brain slipped. Instead of forming the word "pääsiäissuklaata" (Easter chocolate), it became "paskiaissuklaata" instead. Pääsiäinen = Easter, whereas paskiainen = bastard/asshole. Ahem...I sure don't need any bastard chocolate eggs HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Movie Memory: Moulin Rouge

You know how finding old songs can bring out a certain memory or flashback, right? Well, the other day I was suddenly in the mood to listen to a song in Moulin Rouge again and it brought me back to the past. I saw the movie with my mom at the cinema. I used to be able to go out with my mom every now and then, treat her food or go to the cinema with me. This was one of the movies that she liked. Yep, not all of the movies I took her to were her taste (though she always let me decide) ha ha ha ha ha...If she didn't really like the movie, she didn't complain, but she'd fall asleep in the middle of it LOL!!! Funny how seeing her fall asleep on the chair reminded me of my grandma (her mom) dozing off so many times on the couch. Whenever we told her to lie down in bed, she'd refuse and pretend that she wasn't sleeping, though every single time she'd fall right back to sleep on the couch ha ha ha ha...

Anyway, I saw Moulin Rouge with my mom but during the last scene my bladder was screaming like crazy. I had no idea how much longer the movie was going to be and the toilet was a bit far away, but I took a chance because I was afraid there'd be a long queue if I waited until the movie ended (as what usually was the case). When I came back, I found out that I had missed the climax. Doh! My mom had to tell me what was going on. She said it was a good story. :-D 

Any movie/song memory you'd like to share with me?

Here's one lovely song from the movie: 

Sunday, February 08, 2015

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby took a nap on the sofa and then when I was walking towards the toilet from the kitchen (the kitchen's light was on, but the way towards the toilet was dark), I jolted when I suddenly saw a huge shadow coming towards me. His footsteps were so light that I didn't hear a thing, so I was shocked when all of a sudden he was right in front of me. I let out some noise when we almost hit each other and we ended up laughing and holding each other close. 

2. Hubby was standing up from his computer chair and I jumped out of mine to ask for a hug, but he looked at me with a wicked grin and immediately started running away from me in very small steps, begging to be chased. I ended up chasing him a few steps and we held each other, giggling. 

3. More sunlight WHOOPPEEEEEE!!! One of my fave times is when the afternoon sun is shining through our kitchen window.

3. This video clip of Jason Brown skating to his heart's content (and making me happy in the process, too!). I LOVE people who look like they're enjoying themselves doing whatever they're doing. Very inspirational! 

Friday, February 06, 2015

Another Life Gone + Friendship

Been busy with stuff and work, so haven't had time/energy to blog or blog-hop. Just found out that my eldest cousin from mom's side passed away a few days ago at the age of 59 (my mom's the youngest of six and she got married late, thus the big age gap between me and this cousin). He left a wife and three children, the youngest of which had autism. I hope his wife can get all the help that she can to raise three children. Rest in peace, my cousin...and may God help your family! 

I was never close to this particular cousin because he was way older than me and we rarely met and talked to each other, but my mom used to babysit him and during the last few years, she's been close to him and his family. 

I've also heard lots of birth announcements this month in FB, so it's like a full circle of life...death announcements and birth announcements. Just imagine that somewhere in the world is grieving, whereas another one is rejoicing...someone is dying, another one is about to be born...

I went to my friend's husband funeral with another friend. It was a beautiful tribute, a celebration of life. During the car trip my friend and I talked about many different things, including friendship. What makes two people become friends? A common interest or a shared bond/role can help, but if the friendship doesn't develop any further than that, then it won't grow at all. You'll only get stuck at interacting at a certain level only.

This topic reminds me of a remark an emailpal once said to us when he met me and my friends. He said that we were all different, but yet we remained good friends. I think it's possible for different people to be friends as long as they're interested in each other's lives and they're investing (some time) into each other's lives. After all, one of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood (Seneca)

I must admit that in the past I used to hold my friends (those closest to me) with a tight grip. Baaaddd idea! These days I've learnt to hold them with a gentle grip, cherishing the moment that they've spent with me, but I'm more ready to let them go.