Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Otter Juggling Rocks

One of the things I love about the internet is that every now and then I find something cute and interesting and then it makes me want to learn more about it. The other day I was browsing through youtube videos of cute animals and found a clip where an otter was juggling a rock and through that video I found other videos of otters juggling rocks. So I started searching for more information. But before I continue, check out this cute video of an otter juggling two small rocks.

Anyway, here are some of the things I found through this Wikipedia link:

1. Sea otters are one of the few mammals that use tools. They use rocks to break open preys that have hard shells. They eat while floating on their backs.

2. Otters are the only marine animals capable of lifting and turning over rocks.

3. In another link I also read that they juggle rocks because they have to handle slippery food, so they have to hone their skills. 

4. Sea otters eat approximately 25% of their weight in food each day to support their high metabolism. (Source: Sea Otter) ---> I'm ENVIOUS of their high metabolism! At this age it's getting harder and harder to lose weight compared to when I was still in my twenties.

In the Wikipedia page, I also found out that during mating, the male bites the nose of the female. Ewwwwww...that doesn't sound like a nice mating ritual at all, especially considering the fact that oftentimes the nose becomes bloody and scarred. Are they masochistic or something? LOL!!! Anyway, I won't share too many facts here because you can read them in the links that I've shared.

Last but not least, here's a video of an otter actually using a rock to break open some clams:


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Writing Challenge: When I Am An Old Woman

For this writing challenge, I decided to combine photo and text. Here is what I made:

Here's what my text says.

When I Am An Old Woman

When I'm an old woman...
I still want to believe in humanity,
Still want to have a zest for learning,
Still want to think that life is beautiful
And worth living no matter what.

When I'm an old woman, 
I want to wake up believing that
Today is a gift for me. 

P.S. Well, I know we're supposed to wake up and believe that today is a gift for us even when we're not old, but I was thinking that maybe that thought is even more profound in one's old age? We shall see...that's if I ever get to be that old he he...

Friday, July 11, 2014

3BT: Random Days

1. Enough me time (recharging time) at home where I get to do whatever I want, which includes kicking my ass to exercise more. Love the endorphin!

2. When the thermometer shows that indoor temperature is cooler than outside temperature. Summer is on, baby! :-D

3. Reading a magazine at MIL's place with the sun on my back and the wind blowing the leaves, creating beautiful shadows on the living room floor.

4. Being reminded again as to how precious my husband is. How patient he has been with me and how he's never made me feel like an idiot nor has he ever told me that I'm stupid or an idiot.

5. The things we take for granted: the ability to walk, to eat, to sing, to hear, to drink on our own without anybody's help.

6. Older blog posts that remind me of some details that I've either completely or half forgotten. 

7. Finding the old songs that have been playing in my head because someone have compiled the songs in a youtube video. I watched these wuxi series on VHS tapes when I was little (except the last one on the list). The women used to be my heroines: the kind that knew martial arts and could therefore protect themselves ha ha...And I used to try to imitate their hairdo. Ahem...:-D How nostalgic!

8. The roses have finally started blooming. YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!

9. Clearing up my computer desk because husband had bought a new bookshelf, so I could move the piles of books to an empty shelf. Nice to have more space!

10. Printing some raindrop photos and putting them near my computer desk and one photo on the kitchen wall. Every time I look at them, I remember the feeling I had when I took the photos: I felt like a fairy in a fairy land, surrounded by thousands and thousands of beautiful raindrops.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Movie Recommendation: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Years ago I wrote about wanting to watch this movie. I bought the DVD months ago, but I only watched it the other day. I knew I had to prepare myself mentally to watch the movie because of the heavy subject, but it was worth watching. The visuals are stunning and cinematography was sublime! I was so amazed at how well it was made because they really made me feel I was him. 

Here's the imdb page: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly 

Synopsis: "The true story of Elle editor Jean-Dominique Bauby who suffers a stroke and has to live with an almost totally paralyzed body; only his left eye isn't paralyzed." 

The beginning of the movie made me feel trapped. It was hard to breathe. I couldn't help thinking that if someone else were in that condition and he/she didn't have access to such a brilliant group of people to help out, then it would be devastating.

Still I admired his tenacity and the patience and brilliance of the people who helped him. I'm not going to say too much about the movie for fear of ruining it, but I have to warn you that if you're planning to watch it, better do it when you're in a good mood and you're prepared mentally to watch a heavy movie.


P.S. I was browsing through the images of the movie to put here, but found this article instead. Warning: read this only after you watch the movie: The Real Love Story Behind The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Raindrops #3

It's been raining again today, so of course I had to spend time having fun taking some pics. Today I decided to gear up even better than yesterday. I even put on my winter gloves so that the mozzies couldn't bite me through them. Here was what I was wearing:

However, I found some blurry photos, so I decided to wait up before going back outside. This time I decided not to wear the pair of jeans (only leggings) because I only wanted to take a few photos. Baaaddd decision! The back of my left leg is now covered with three hot spots, but I think it's worth it anyway he he he he he he...Managed to snap a few better photos. It was hard to hold steady without using a tripod (didn't want to bother even though we have one). 

Some of the photos may look similar, but they're taken from a slightly different angle, showing a slight difference of the raindrop patterns. 

Enjoy the photos! Time for my exercise now! :-D

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Raindrops #2

It's been raining again and I was looking forward to enough raindrops everywhere in order to take some photos he he...Unfortunately plenty of the flowers in our yard haven't bloomed yet (like the rose bushes and the tiger lilies) and I had to fight the mozzies to take the photos (got bitten a few times), but I've got some raindrop photos again. I would love to have taken many more, but the mozzies were killing me, even though I had put on some gloves and a hoodie and trousers in order to protect myself, but they bit me through my gloves, can you believe it? And they attacked my face relentlessly, so I couldn't stay still too long (had to keep waving them away).

Anyway, enjoy the photos...Click on each photo to view the bigger versions.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Life Goes On

An innocent question can lead to a dose of surprise. The other day I asked a regular customer where his wife was, because I hadn't seen her for months. 

His response was, "We're divorced now. Our divorce was final on the 23rd of this month. Her decision."

I was struck dumb. I managed to reply, "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that."


He continued, "She lives in southern Finland now. She wanted me to move there, too, but I didn't want to. I have my place here and a small cabin, so she filed for a divorce. It's her decision."

I could only respond, "Oh dear...it must be hard. By the way, her daughter lives there, right?"

He replied, "Yes, her daughter has a son. So now she takes care of the grandson." He packed the few items he had bought and added, "I'm still grieving about it."

I said, "Of course you are, of course.......But life goes on..." 

He agreed, "Yes, life goes on."

I didn't have time to process the information. The next customer was already waiting, but I felt like his words were hanging there in the space between us. It's funny how news like this can stagger you, even though you don't really know them that well.

I first met her a few years ago. From the get go, she told me her abbreviated life story even without being asked. She had just retired at that time. If I could describe her with one word, I'd choose the word sunshine. She was always full of laughter and bear hugs. Seeing her face at work was always a pleasure.

Sometime last year she came by with a huge smile on her face. She said that her grandson was due soon and she would go there once the baby was born. A few months later, she showed me his photo on her mobile phone and told me her grandson's name. The phrase "her pride and joy" sprung to my mind. I have no doubt that she'll be a doting and fun grandmother.

Life goes on...people come and go, some are born, some pass away and sometimes you don't even have time to say goodbye...but life goes on for those left behind... 


Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Cold

So it seems what they say about summer colds is true. They say it's harder to get over it than winter cold/flu. I still have some cough and phlegm/snot, but at least I can sleep through the night again. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! I love my sleep! A coworker of mine also had some cough for 3 weeks. 

It doesn't feel like summer is here (it's about 10'C at the moment and it's already midday). In fact, it feels like autumn already. I'm glad I didn't plant any other plants outside because they may not make it. My sunflower was already starting to show signs of being dead, so I took it to the compost bin instead. The other plants around the house haven't even started blooming yet and I doubt if they're going to bloom at all. Usually by this time around the rose bushes have already produced lots of flowers. Oh well, can't control the weather, but to remind myself of the lovely fragrant roses, here's a pic of the rose bush in July 2010:

And here are a few more pics of the raindrops that I haven't published yet. In the pic below you can see the garden decoration made of stone, painted to look like a giant ladybird.

Oh, and some cat photos I took last month. Not ours, but our nephew's he he...Ginger cats always remind me of my cat back in Indo. RIP my cat!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Writing Challenge: Elaborate Lie About Myself

Warning: This post contains violence and is PURE FICTION! Read at your own discomfort. This post was written because of a writing challenge in which I had to write an elaborate lie about myself. This was what I came up with. I'm going to give some space between this warning and my post.

Okay, ready? 


I've killed someone.

There. I've said it. I had never had my blood boiling like that before. Such rage surged from within me. Oh, the injustice of it all! My father was innocent. He had always been an honest man - too honest perhaps. He would never have done what that man thought he had done.

I will never forget the day my dad came home with teary eyes, holding his cheek. Apparently that man had punched him, but I think what made him hurt the most was the fact that he was accused of being dishonest. He was dismissed from work just like that and become unemployed even though he did nothing wrong.

I couldn't forgive that man. I wanted to crush him and his whole family, but taking out his whole family would probably be too difficult for a teenager like me and in my twisted mind, taking his life would probably be enough to satisfy my revengeful spirit. After that incident, my dad became morose and depressed. He would stare at the walls for hours on end and talked to his own shadow. Nothing we did could coax him out of his shell. My mom had to work twice as hard to earn enough money for the family and my elder brother had to quit school to work so that my mom and he could pay for my education. My heart broke into pieces. I couldn't forgive that man for having ruined my family, so I took matters into my own hand.

It took me many months before I finally found a crooked man who would teach me a ninjutsu assassin's technique on how to blow a poisonous dart. My chance appeared when a cousin held a wedding party about a year later. Just in time for me to execute my plan. After all, I had been practising with frogs for a whole year and as long as the target was in a close range, I knew I'd be able to hit it without fail.

In the party venue I spotted that man laughing and talking with another guest, having the time of his life. He had been living such an easy life even after what he had done to my dad. I was seething inside, but I managed to calm myself down in order to wait for the perfect opportunity. I didn't want to fail. He had to get what he deserved!

The perfect timing finally came when he was walking towards the toilet. I had been watching him all the time from the corner of my eyes, so I quickly followed him. Alas, he managed to get inside before I could take out my poisonous dart that I had hidden carefully in my purse. So I waited until he came out, hoping that nobody else was in the vicinity when the moment came.

The few minutes felt like forever. My hands were slightly trembling, but I had been taught how to control my thoughts by that crooked man. What a great guru he was!

Luckily for me, nobody was around when he came out. The women's toilet was located further away to the back of the party venue, so when he came out to walk back towards where the guests were, he had his back on me. He didn't see it coming! I took a long breath and then blew the dart. Off it went, landing straight on the backside of his neck. He must've felt the sting because he ran one hand to the back of his neck, but before his hand could reach it, his legs gave out and he collapsed. His body convulsed, his eyes were wide with fear, and then nothing. I quickly came close to check whether or not he was still breathing, pulled the dart out, then dashed back to the party venue with a victorious smile on my face.

I've killed a man and I've gotten away with it. Karma's a bitch. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wet Midsummer Eve

I survived the tough work week without having to go to the doc, even though I had to ask to switch a shift with another friend because I was scheduled to work close to food and I still had a runny nose and an annoying cough. Thankfully Thursday night I managed to sleep non-stop because I really needed the rest, so on Friday everything went OK.

Went to Keluj√§rvi right after work. It was raining and R2 was adamant in grilling some food outside ha ha ha ha...it was about 3'C. It kept on raining and raining and raining, but at some point it turned into very light rain, so R2 went out to light the grill ha ha ha ha...by the time the food was done, it rained even more. 

It also rained for hours on end today until the sky finally cleared up at around 6 pm and then the sun started shining. The temperature at the moment is around 10'C (under the sun probably around 12'C). 

The good thing about all the rain was that I got lots of shots of beautiful raindrops on plants. :-D Enjoy the photos! :-D I'm still recuperating from the runny nose and the cough (it's amazing how much mucus and phlegm a single body can produce, I tell ya!) and yesterday for some reason my stomach was acting up (had to go to the toilet 7 times that day), but thankfully today is a better day. Take care, people! 

P.S. Any fave photo(s)?