Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Onion Kid

I've been taking a long break from my PC because I've had trouble with my wrist/mouse hand/thumb. And it doesn't look like my wrist likes doing certain yoga poses, either, so I've been trying to avoid doing yoga poses that would put too much pressure on my wrists and I opt to do other types of exercises in the meantime (though other parts of my body enjoy some yoga stretches). Anyhow, this summer reminds me a bit of Indonesian rainy season because it's rained a lot. This is definitely the wettest summer that I've ever encountered ever since I moved to Finland (and the greyest/coldest too!). I've been forced to use my SAD lamp this week because my brain feels like hibernating already due to the lack of sunlight.

Anyway, I was doing some house chores today when I was reminded of the term "anak bawang" or "onion kid". I used to play a lot with my cousins and neighbours when I was young (back then a computer was considered a luxury, only owned by rich people and even then the computer was still so basic LOL!!!) so kids played a lot outside with other kids. The term "anak bawang" was used a lot at that time. It means someone who's given some slack in joining any game due to their (young) age/lack of comprehension of the game rules. Being "anak bawang" also means that you're at the bottom of the ladder, so usually you don't get to decide what to play because the games you master are the simpler ones, so you're mostly merely tagging along with the older kids. It's definitely not a nice feeling to be called "anak bawang" or "onion kid" because it means you're not taken seriously, though at the very least the older kids do let you join in their games. Still, when you're called "anak bawang", you can't help but to wish to grow up quickly he he he he he...

Do you have such a term when you were a child in your own country, I wonder? :-)

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Memory Book (AKA Buku Kenangan)

When I was in Elementary School and Junior High School (pre-internet/mobile phone days), on the last grade of both schools female students usually distributed a memory book (or "Buku Kenangan" in Indonesian) to her classmates to fill. The book was usually a hard-bound diary-like notebook (the size of which was usually more or like a paperback) with a cute cover and on the front page the owner of the book would write some introduction. The idea was that before the students graduated (sometimes this meant they went separate ways), they wrote down their details for the memory book owner to keep after graduation.

The classmates would then fill up the memory book with their names, address, phone numbers, hobbies, birth date, what they wanted to be when they grew up, their motto, their fave colour, etc. It could be as detailed, artistic, and colourful as they wanted it to be or it could be very plain and short (not too many details given). It was all up to the students themselves. The classmates could pick whichever page(s) they wanted to write down their details on, so one of the exciting things about getting the book back was to find out where he/she had written down their details on he he he...Another exciting thing was that if you had a crush on a boy, you could find out more about him after he filled in his details in your memory book HA HA HA HA HA...

So the book owner usually gave the book to her BFF(s) and seatmate first and then she'd hand it over to her other classmates. Ideally the classmates took it home with them and then return it to the owner within a day or two, though sometimes the boys would forget about it and the owner had to ask them to remember to bring it back. Some boys didn't even bother taking it home, so instead they fill it up during a break and returned it immediately to the owner.

I distributed this kind of memory book in Junior High and kept it for years, though my mom has burnt a lot of my stuff after I moved to Finland. I remember some of the more artistic classmates would doodle or draw some stuff on their page. I myself loved adding colours when I filled up someone else's memory book, so I'd usually use different pens to write down my details he he he he...I'm not sure who or how the whole thing started, but I kinda like the idea of having my classmates write their own details in a memory book. Different handwritings, different styles.

Have you ever had this kind of trend back in your days? For some reason, this trend stopped altogether in High School (nobody ever gave me any memory book by then).

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Microblog: Drops of Love

Sometimes love is looking at someone's eyes - a deep and searching gaze - to make sure that the other person is okay. No words necessary. Just a loving, thoughtful gaze that lets you know that the other person cares about you that much. Drops of precious love pouring over you in those extra seconds, quenching your parched heart. And all you can say is: "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Invasion of the Languages

The longer I stay in Finland, the more mixed-up my English becomes. Let me give you some example while they're still fresh in my mind. I realize that these days my past tense use in English has sometimes been mixed up with Finnish.

Here's a set of Finnish, Indonesian, and English sentences as comparison:

- Sinä nukuit hyvin. (You slept well).
- Nukuitko sinä hyvin? (literal translation: Slept you well?)

- Kamu tidur nyenyak. (You slept well.)
- Kamu tidur nyenyak? (You slept well?)

- You slept well.
- Did you sleep well?

Notice that in the Finnish language, in the question form, the verb doesn't change at all, though there's the additional "-ko" ending to denote that it's a question instead of a statement. So sometimes when talking to my husband, I'd blurt out, "Did you slept well?" instead of "Did you sleep well?" as the wires of my brain criss-cross between English and Finnish. And in Indonesian language nothing actually changes, only the intonation changes (going up at the end of the question).

Another example was my use of the word "psychologist". In Finnish, it's "psykologi" and in Indonesian language it's "psikolog". At that time I was writing in English and I wanted to write "psychologist", but instead I wrote "psykolog" (a weird combo of the Finnish and Indo version of the word) HA HA HA HA HA HA...

And don't mention the mix-ups I have with "him", "her", "his", "hers" because both in Finnish and Indonesian there's only one word for both genders. This has been happening since a long time ago. Ah, brain! :-D What an adventure you've had HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Funny Incident

The other day I woke up very early due to some shoulder pain/strain that went up to my neck. As I thought I couldn't go back to sleep, I went downstairs to do some gentle neck stretches. However, soon after I got really sleepy again, so I decided to just sleep on the sofa. I closed the blinds and grabbed a blanket and slept with my clothes and socks on (like taking a nap). 

Hubby woke me up when he woke up to go to work. He walked round and round the house (from the living room to computer room to kitchen to the coat room back to the living room) while brushing his teeth with an electric brush. The noise from the electric brush was so loud that it woke me up. Unfortunately I had no energy to tell him to stop, so I went back to sleep after he stopped brushing. 

After he came back home from work, he confessed that he had not seen me AT ALL while he walked around the rooms like that (during his tooth-brushing session). He only realized I was sleeping there when my alarm beeped and I turned it off (he was in the toilet at that time). I couldn't believe my ears! I told him, "How can you have missed seeing me? I mean, I'm 50 kgs, not just a kilo of meat!"

Anyway, he was so glad that I hadn't said a thing to him at all when he didn't realize I was there (about the loud toothbrush), because if I had said something to him, he may have had a heart attack. To make things worse, he even went near the sofa at one point to open the blinds, so he could have seen me then, but he said I was neatly wrapped under the blanket that he just didn't realized! Goodness!!! It's still an impossible thing to experience, don't you think? 

We both had a good laugh at this story, though he he he he he he...and now I know that when he's brushing his teeth in the morning, he goes round and round the connecting rooms HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Image taken from here

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

3BT: Random Days

1. Hearing someone else I just met praise hubby (he got to know R2 through work). :-) He said, "You've got a great guy." Thank you for your genuine compliment! :-D

2. Spending quality time with family over Midsummer and having BBQ twice outside despite the cool weather. We had some chicken fajitas with tortilla wraps and then some sausages. Grilled sausages are the best! :-D

3. Seeing two sides of the rainbow.

4. Taking these photos after lots of rain.

5. Having time to recharge and think (and rest).

Monday, June 15, 2015

Lost Photos

ARRRRRRGGHHHHH!!!! I just did something stupid! I've just added a new memory card to my mobile to make sure I have enough room for my photos. After the memory card was added, I transferred the photos I took with my mobile straight to that memory card. The problem is that it automatically started numbering my photos from zero again. I was transferring the photos to My Pictures and for some reason I must've clicked the wrong option, so the photos that had the same numbers as the older photos I had transferred to my HD were gone. And the stupid thing was that I didn't even check first, so right after the photos were transferred, I deleted the files from my mobile. Dohhhh!!!

They're not really such important photos (thankfully), but still it's a shame to lose those photos. Next time I will never delete before checking first. Here are some of the photos that didn't get lost. I made some more kaleidoscope photos the other week. 

Here are two original photos:

And the kaleidoscope versions of those photos:

I actually had other versions of the kaleidoscope photos (in one of them, it showed that R2 with two heads), but unfortunately they got lost. Ugh! Oh well...

Anyhow, the beginning of summer here has been CCCCCOOOOOOLLLLDDDD. Yesterday was not such a bad day because the sun was partly shining and when the clouds weren't covering it, it was warm enough to sunbathe outside (with a jacket still 'coz the wind was cold). Back in May we had a day that was as warm as 20'C, but after that it just went downhill. The weather prediction for this week is so bad that we're still using our winter blanket (usually by this time we're already using our summer blanket). That said, I've planted some flowers in our flower bed outside.

Midnight Film Sun Festival has come and gone. I've seen lots of tourists wearing woolen hats and winter jackets as the nights were brrrrr he he he he he...The best thing about this year's Midnight Sun Film Festival was the sushi being sold in one of the stands (well, actually a car)! In a place where there's no Chinese or Asian restaurant, it's a treat! :-D

This is the delicious sushi portion that I had when I went out with my friends to check out the crowd. €11 per portion. I really hope they'll come back next year he he he he...

OK, I'll do some blog-hopping now, but before I leave, enjoy this music:

Thursday, June 04, 2015


The other day I was getting ready to meet up with some friends and I hastily grabbed a pair of clean jeans and put them on as I had no time to waste. I didn't want to get up too early because I had slept late the night before, but I didn't want to be late, either. I rode my bike with some difficulty as it was such a windy day. The wind force caused the awning of a restaurant to be flailing up and down, threatening to fly away and hurt people. Thankfully the restaurant workers managed to take it down in time.

I arrived earlier than my friends, so I went to the cafe and ordered a cake and a cup of tea. Halfway through my delicious chocolate roll, the first friend arrived. She ordered some food and then we started chit-chatting about various topics. About an hour later, another friend arrived, so the conversation became more dynamic. Until then, I didn't notice anything wrong. I ordered some sandwich and some more tea as I had skipped breakfast, but then my first friend had to go, so the two of us continued catching up on stuff. When my friend went to talk to the cafe worker about something, I finally noticed a soft bumpy area on the side of my right leg.

Hmmm...what is this bump? I wondered. It feels soft and uneven, kinda like...fabric????

My right hand kept on running through the bump, trying to figure out what it was. A second later realization started sinking in. 

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Could it be tissue paper? Did I accidentally drop some tissue paper onto the leg of my jeans instead of the toilet bowl at home? Ewwwww!!!

So I rushed to the toilet and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what was inside my jean leg.

A pair of clean, folded-up cotton panties. 

I have no idea how the panties ended up there, but I was laughing hysterically as I was telling hubby about this incident HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHHH...

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Some Flower Photos

I haven't been in the mood to blog, even though I do have lots of ideas and stories to tell still. The bad thing is that the travel journals are better off written when they're still fresh in my mind, but lethargy has overpowered me. Anyway, in order not to let this blog rot to silence, let me just post some flower photos in the time being.

I took these photos with my mobile and played with different features. There's a mirror effect, kaleidoscope effect, as well as a feature where I can simply tap on the screen to put colours on some parts of the scenery. Quite fun!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

London Trip Highlight: Meeting A Blogger Friend

One of the highlights of my London trip was having an awesome opportunity to meet a blogger friend that has been friends with me for more or less 7 years. Due to our diary-like blogs, we felt that we had known each other in some ways and when we met, it did feel like meeting an old friend and the bonus part was that we found out many more things we had in common. :-D We are both not good at finding directions (Nikki doesn't actually live in London), so we were glad to have Google Maps on our mobiles he he he he...We had fun being tourists in London for the day!

Prior to our meeting, we had decided roughly on the places we'd visit. First breakfast, then off to roam around the city and then lunch at Chinatown. Planning the meeting was fun, but experiencing the day itself was the most fun of all! :-D Here is what Nikki wrote about our meeting and I'll just have some bits to add here. 

We chose Balthazar at Covent Garden for breakfast. We had browsed through the online menu prior to our meeting, but still that day we had a little trouble to choose because we wanted to try so many things LOL!!! We ended up choosing the same dish: Scrambled Eggs and Cornish Crab. It was yummy! For drinks, we had water and coffee latte to wake us up a little.

Here's the beautiful Nikki at Balthazar.

And a pic of us together. 

And a pic of our food:

And because I'm a crazy Asian, I just had to take a pic of myself in the toilet HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHH...Ahem...actually, someone in Tripadvisor has advised us to go check out the toilet in Balthazar. I'm serious. So we did LOL!!!

Then we moved on to Covent Garden market, but it was still closed (we were a bit early), so we roamed around the area while waiting for the market to open. 
Here are some photos:

There's an explanation for the weird-looking horse statue behind me.

This is the huge lion statue in the same location:

While walking around the place, we also saw this gorgeous bakery and as we both loved cakes, we decided we'd go back to this bakery later on. 

This was the window display that stopped us on our tracks and made us drool. 

The thing was that we didn't write down the address or remember the bakery name or take a photo of it (this photo was taken after we had cakes there), so we had a bit of a fun time trying to find it again after we visited the Covent Garden market HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...but we did find it again eventually. Here's the site for the bakery: BB Bakery.

Here are two pics of Covent Garden market. I found a T-shirt for myself and a belt for R2 (I was very tempted to buy other lovely stuff too from this market, but I had a budget to follow HA HA...). We also looked around at some shops there on the ground floor and saw a bit of a group of musicians performing their music. Another day when I went there again, there was an opera singer belting out her song (incredible strong lungs!). 

From there we went back to the lovely bakery and had different cakes. If I remember correctly, a package of tea and a cake cost £8.50. Again we had a hard time trying to decide which cake to choose as they all looked so gorgeous! I told Nikki it would be more fun to go there with a group of friends because then we could each choose a different type of cake/muffin and we could take turns trying different cakes/muffins he he...

Here are some photos of us and our cakes. My teapot is so pretty, isn't it?  

The whole place was so pretty that even the toilet was pretty! Yep, I must be weird because I keep taking photos of toilets ha ha ha ha...

After we filled our bellies with cakes, we continued our way towards Chinatown. On the way there we also saw some street performers. The guy below was in chains (the two young guys were helping him out by tying up the chains around his body) and then he had to escape within a certain amount of time. It looked painful, but of course he managed to escape he he...

And this guy in uniform actually posed for me when I took out my mobile and prepared to take a photo ha ha ha...Note: notice the sun? Yep, it came out for a little bit that day he he...

And we finally arrived at Chinatown! YAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!! Here's the beginning of one end of Chinatown. Yep, so many people trying to take photos of themselves with the Chinatown gate. I bought some food and snacks to take home from one store that sold Asian food stuff and I promised myself I'd get back to Chinatown for more before I had to fly back to Finland he he...

It started raining when we were in Chinatown, but we were way too full to have a proper lunch, so we decided to rest our legs and just had some light dim sum. It was great to have lots of places to choose from and the one we chose was kinda quiet, so we could chit-chat and relax there. 

Purple dim sum, anyone? Unfortunately for some reason they've put on some purplish light on top of the tables, so the dim sum looks like this, but it was just the perfect portion for the both of us. :-D 

After dim sum we headed to the tube to go to our separate ways. It was certainly a day to remember! I have very fond memories of this meeting and I hope it's not going to be our last. Either way, though, I'm thankful that blogging brought us together. I'm looking forward to meeting Nikki again, wherever it may be. :-D Thanks SO MUCH for taking time to meet me in London, Nikki!!!!!