Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Alas, what is it that we have to be proud of anyway? Is it our knowledge and learning? Why, if we have any knowledge at all, we must certainly know how much reason we have to be humble; and if we know more than others, we must know more than them the fact that we know very little! How little is it that the most learned know, in comparison of that of which they are ignorant" ~ Richard Baxter

Enjoy the short video's a bit grainy and the colours aren't too vivid 'coz I took the videos from inside the house, behind a double-glazed window...Birds eating rowan berries...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Autumn Photos

Yeah, even though my camera's flash doesn't work, but otherwise it's still functioning well (THANK GOD). Found out that the cost of fixing it (it has to be sent to the city) would be horrendous (at least we have to pay around 85 Euros), so we're still thinking about whether or not it'd be best to just fix it when we go to Indo later or not. We'll see...

Cooked and cleaned up the place today 'coz I have a free day. It's nice to have some free days from work. Last week was such a busy week for me that I didn't have time for anything much. Went to my in-laws by bike 'coz hubby wanted to watch Formula first, so he came rather late. Played cards with my MIL and her elder sister and had SO much fun - laughing till my cheeks got sore HA HA HA HA HA HA...Ain't life grand when it gives you opportunities to laugh till your cheeks get sore? HE HE HE HE HE...

Anyway...yesterday I felt like raking some dead leaves on the yard, so I did that while enjoying the fresh autumn air. I took out my camera as well to take some felt SO good to rake the dead leaves while the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. Felt like a holiday actually!!! :-D

OK, now enjoy the's been below 0'C some nights over here, but daytime temperature is still around 7-10'C.

I just loved how the sun kissed the tree trunk, so I just HAD to take a pic of it ha ha ha...

Below are two experimental photos, but I think I like the first one better than the second one. What do you think?

OK, I'll blog-hop a little now...

Monday, September 27, 2010

On The Other Side

After having worked for a few months, I've learnt more things about being on the other side of "something" (in this case being on the other side of the customers' POV). There are things I wouldn't have known otherwise.

For example, sometimes for some items, the bar codes are incomplete (due to the wrong printing process) or for some reason the bar code label was ripped off (either partially or completely). Many times when this happens at work, some customers would insist that they remembered the prices of those items and they just expected us (cashiers) to type in the prices just like that. What they don't know is that in order to type in the prices, we need the supervisor's key to authorize it. Using the key, we then have to choose what kind of product it is so that it's shown on the receipt.

Another thing that I've experienced is after several busy hours being a cashier, it's so easy to lose the ability to count. I've shared this with a fellow colleague and she also said that it happens to her, so I assume it happens to the others, as well. Sometimes it gets crazy when the customer asks me to give me their change by exchanging some of them with coins. Or it gets even crazier when some customers give me so many coins to count as payment. When my brain is so tired already and I notice the queue getting longer and longer and I still have many coins to count, it gets rather stressful sometimes 'coz I just have to take my time to count carefully.

One time somebody gave me a BAG full of coins as payment. Thankfully it was filled with only one and two Euro coins. Had it been filled with 50 cent, 20 cent, 10 cent, and 5 cent coins as well, I would have probably freaked out he he...

Another thing that is a slight problem for me is on very very busy days, sometimes it's hard to have enough time to take a break (even though it's our right to do it). Sometimes in the middle of our breaks, we have to go back out there to serve the customers and other times it's just impossible for us to take breaks on time ('coz we have to do it by taking turns with the other workers). That's why whenever I have my break, I tend to try to fill my stomach as much as I can (esp. on very busy days) 'coz I don't know if I can take the next break on time or not. Glad to know that there've been calmer days, too. Phew!!! And it's nice to hear one thoughtful customer saying that we (workers) needed calmer hours (days) as well so that we could take a breath in between busy hours (days). :-D

All in all, I'm more appreciative towards those people who work in this type of job. Before I started working, I had NO idea what they had to deal with he he...Anyway, here's another autumn pic...taken from someone else's house near the river ha ha...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. How I've found wonderful human beings through the internet and the blogosphere to share my ups and downs, to support and encourage and understand me. I would never have made it without all of you people.

2. When I've been whiny and annoying (even in my own ears/mind), yet hubby still tells me, "I love you anyway, honey." That is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my life.

3. Watching autumn colours, especially the red colour (my fave autumn colour) surrounding me...and noticing a squirrel running about cautiously in our yard.

4. Hubby let me eat the last cup of chocolate pudding. (FYI: I bought 4 cups and ate 2 cups, but when the last cup was still in the fridge, I asked hubby if he wanted it or not and he said, "Nah, you can have it 'coz you like it so much.")

5. Getting a permanent part-time job contract means that I had some spare money to buy some things for my in-laws - I bought FIL a warm jacket (with fleece lining inside) and a pair of warm socks for MIL when I visited them the other day and they were happy to get them. ;-D

6. Meeting new foreigners in this small village on my Finnish course and laughing with them when we talked about different topics. In a small village where foreigners are rare, it's always a PLEASURE to meet fellow "comrades-in-arms".

7. Looking back over the past and realizing that God's closed doors led me to this job. If there hadn't been those closed doors, I wouldn't have ended up here. THANK GOD for His closed doors, even though at that time I felt sad and dejected (esp. when I couldn't continue at the daycare) and I didn't understand why they were there.

8. Having a hubby who knows how to do coining (scraping my back with a coin and some balm). It's VERY VERY beneficial for me 'coz I do need his help sometimes in this area.

9. Living in a small village where there's no traffic jam, less noise, no long queues at the supermarkets/stores, where I can be close to nature.

10. Meeting friendly, warm, patient customers. They're the highlight of my day at work.

Math Tutoring

I was never too good at Math. I was never really bad, either, but in some lessons I'd need help. I remember my Mom hired a Math tutor for me when I was in Junior High School for a while. She was quite a strict person and if we gave the wrong answer, sometimes she would pinch my hand a little. I guess after teaching so many students, her patience must've run out a little he he...It's understandable because I have also been in her place as an English tutor. When a student wasn't serious about studying, I had to control myself to be more patient with him/her.

Anyhow, if your child needs online Math tutoring, provides the cheapest rates available for K-12 and college students. Whether you need Math homework help or college algebra help, their team of experts are ready to give you a hand.

I know how frustrating it is to try solving Math word problems on your own over and over again without any success. In the end you just want to give up. I also remember that sometimes I thought I got the right answers, but when we checked them out in the classroom, turned out I had gotten the wrong ones for some weird reasons. I did use the kind of problem solving technique, but in some point I must've done something wrong with it. I'm sure was glad to be able to get some help at that time. Sometimes a friend of mine would also help me out if I didn't understand something in Math. Don't you think getting free Math help is a good thing? Then you can click on the link to find out what kind of free Math help you can get.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Praise The Lord!!!!

This is what I feel this video clip:

For those who don't understand Indonesian, I'll share this song instead. It's entitled "God is Able" by Smokie Norful:

Guess what? Yesterday I got a new job contract and this time it's a PERMANENT one!!! I did NOT expect that at all. I thought at the most, I'd only get an extension until the end of this year.



THANK GODDDDDDDDDDDDD for the opportunity!!!!!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did it ever occur to me that I'd get a permanent job this's just beyond my comprehension...TRULY TRULY thankful for this opportunity...

Ahem...anyway, let me calm myself down a little he he...Today I went to visit my in-laws without hubby ('coz R2 has to work). I can't visit them on Sat 'coz I have an evening shift (from 12 until around 6.30 pm). It was the first time I had ever visited them on my own. Now that they spend most days in their new rented apartment, which is located nearby (only about 3 km from here), it's easier for me to visit them on my own 'coz I can reach their place by bike. Had fun talking with my MIL and sharing stories with her he he...

OK, now it's time to blog-hop 'coz tomorrow I've got to go to work (saying this while dancing around in joy). ;-D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Autumnal Sleeping Beauty

Yes, fellaz, I've been a sleeping beauty this week, esp. on Tuesday and Thursday. For some reason, I slept most of my days on those two days on my sick leave. Now I'm thankfully healthy again and ready to go back to work tomorrow. I kinda miss work actually (though not so much that I'd want to do it every single day 'coz it's really hectic sometimes and I need me time to re-energize myself).

I've also taken some autumn pictures today while I was on the way to a Finnish course today. I met so many foreigners today at the course. There were 10 of us altogether. Two of them I know pretty well already 'coz we've already been friends, but I have never met the rest. Interesting bunch of people! We laughed a lot too he he he...

Anyway, here are some pics that I took. This morning when I rode my bike to the course place, it was VERY foggy as you can see from some of the pics below. Autumn is already in motion and my fave are the red leaves. :-D :-D :-D

This photo was taken from the unclear, eh? That was how thick the fog was.

I got closer to take "clearer" pics...

Still closer...

Below are two pics of the same area after the fog was gone - I took the pics on the way back home from the course.

This is one house that I like. I passed it by on my way to the course he he...

The un-foggy version of the house.

Here are some more autumn views along the way...

Told ya I love those red leaves HA HA HA HA HA...

I don't know if I have time to blog-hop much today, but if not, I'll try to blog-hop tomorrow or sometime next week, OK? Take care, people...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Down and Out...

Yep, definitely not feeling like myself. I have a cold and a blocked nose...may heaven help me when I'm at work today...the trouble is I have to have enough brain power to concentrate in counting and speaking Finnish. We'll see how it goes. At least it's a rather short shift today and tomorrow I have a day off.

Just wanna share this INCREDIBLE sea life experience with you all...if you can, watch it in HD by clicking this link: Bali Diving HD.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Been busy with work and then another Rovaniemi trip today, so I'll cut this short 'coz I still have lots of things to do...

1. We went to the place where they said they could fix Panasonic stuff, but turned out he said they'd made a deal with all the other stores that the one in charge to fix Panasonic cameras is located in Helsinki, so we have to contact them later (either by phone or email first).

2. After asking about the job contract thingie, my area manager called me while we were on the way back from Rovaniemi, stating that they'd like to prolong my contract until the end of this year. We're going to draft a new contract next week, so we'll see about that. *fingers crossed* ;-D

3. Bought 3 tops in the flea market in Rovaniemi for only €6.50. WOOHOOOOOO!!! What a bargain!!!

4. Found 2 cheap Finnish novels in GREAT conditions (one is new) from different places. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! ---> so I guess this action redeemed the fact that I had bought such an expensive novel the other day when we went to Rovaniemi HA HA HA HA...

5. Been feeling out of the weather still. Yesterday when I had my evening shift, I felt light-headed after a few hours and a light headache started kicking in. Uh oh...I hope I'm not going to be the one who's sick next, 'coz two coworkers have been sick for at least a week. I've tried taking lots of sleep, though, 'coz my eyes just feel weirdly heavy even after so much sleep. Oh well...

P.S. Been busy with work and 'coz I've tried to sleep much more than usual in order to avoid getting sick, I haven't had time to blog-hop. I'll do it later when I have more time and energy, OK? Take care, people!!!

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Yeah, been quiet here in my blog ha ha...dunno why I feel like I've been so busy lately. Anyway, yesterday my in-laws did a test trial by spending the night in their new apartment. They're going to do some more trials bit by bit before winter comes and then they're going to move there for sure. They hope that next summer they can still go back to their present house, though we'll see how it goes.

So yesterday three cars went to that new apartment he he...Our car, my MIL's car, and my BIL's car. We brought more stuff there with us and we helped MIL prepare the apartment for the night. We rearranged the position of some furniture and stuff like that. I was a bit worried 'coz after being there for about half an hour, my MIL asked FIL how he liked the place. He said he wanted to go back home...ohhhh I hope that they could sleep tightly that night and that FIL didn't feel too confused with all that.

This morning I went to work and my MIL dropped by to buy some food. I had a chance to ask her how the night went and she said they slept well. That's GREAT to hear!!! ;-D

Anyway, yesterday I also had time to have a long talk with MIL about different topics. Apparently this apartment will be the first home she lives in where she can decorate it with whatever she wants to use, 'coz she got married young and then she had never lived in a house where there were only her hubby and kids. There were always somebody else there, such as the in-laws. Only after the kids moved out did they begin to live just the two of them. Even so, the house was filled with the in-laws' stuff still. So moving to this new apartment feels like a brand new life for her.

I can relate to her feelings 'coz prior to my marriage, I had always lived with my parents. And even when I first moved to Finland, R2 had everything ready already, so I didn't decorate the apartment at all. Only when we moved to our second apartment (before moving to this house) did I manage to buy some stuff to decorate the house with (some curtains and we bought a sofa-bed).

On the work front, my job contract ends at the end of this month, but when I went to work today, I noticed that they had written down the work shift for last week of this month and on that list, they still gave me work shift for the 1st and 2nd of October. Uh...hello?!?!?! What's going on here???

I told my coworker about this and she told me to ask the area manager later on. I can't continue working before I get a new contract and I don't know yet if they do want to keep hiring me or not, so we'll see about that. I sure can use the money (who doesn't need money?) to buy the plane ticket to Indo next year and to buy stuff for my family and friends. I'll keep you updated about this.

OK, now time to relax 'coz I have to work tomorrow but then I'll have Tuesday off. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! ;-D Quality time with R2, who still has the rest of his summer holiday he he...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Brief Holiday

So, I've been busy enjoying our brief holiday 'coz R2 has his summer holiday only now. He has a 3-week holiday. Saturday I had work in the morning, so we decided not to go to my in-laws. Instead, we went there on Sunday afternoon 'coz we were also planning to stay at the cabin there. We played cards until almost midnight and I lost every single game. Doh...:-((( Then we went to the cabin to have some burgers and sausages (roasting them in the fireplace) and then we went to sauna. By the time we went to sauna, we were already TOO sleepy HA HA HA HA...It made me feel "aged" somehow - I mean, I remember when I was in High School, I could sleep only 4-5 hours three nights in a row and still I didn't feel like a zombie he he he...

So we didn't stay long in the sauna and we ended up going to bed at around 2.30 am. Every time I go to the cabin, I'm reminded of how blessed I am to be able to enjoy complete silence - there are only sounds of birds or dogs barking in the distance, no traffic sounds, no TV, no computers...just the two of us and some music from the radio. Oh, no electricity as well - just some candles that made everything feel so romantic ha ha ha...ahem...

To cut the story short, we woke up SUPER late on Monday. We went back to my in-laws' place...oh yeah, almost forgot...on Sunday when we arrived there, I gave her the poster and she LOVED it!!! Esp. 'coz she had never seen all the pictures that I put there HA HA HA HA she spent time looking at each photo. ;-D Here's a pic of the poster before we brought it to my in-laws - I had R2 pose for me to let you know how big it is (R2 is about 176-177 cm and the poster ix 50X70 cm):

We had lunch there and then MIL and I went out to pick some blackcurrants while R2 went to cut some wood (we brought home about 1.5 litres of blackcurrants YAY!!!). Then it started raining, so we had to go back inside. We drank coffee and played cards again - this time I managed to win 2 games out of 3. YIIIHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! ;-D And what did we see while playing cards? RAINBOW!!!

We went back home pretty late on Monday, so we didn't have too much time for anything 'coz we had to prepare ourselves to go to Rovaniemi the next day. When we arrived home, I found out that my handbag was broken (one of the straps came off) - so it was about time to buy a new one. Went to Rovaniemi yesterday and found a suitable handbag on a discount. Here is a pic of my old bag (bought it at a special price of €8 about 3 years ago):

And here's the pic of the new bag (original price €25, discounted price €15):

Notice the long horizontal zipper there? It goes through the whole bag, so if I need to make the bag bigger, I can unzip it. KEWLLL!!!!

We went to different stores and found some things to buy, such as bed sheets, pillow cases, and even one mattress. I bought a Finnish novel that I had been wanting to buy, though I've got a crazy story about it. When we went to that one bookstore, I saw the English version of the novel (it's been translated into many languages 'coz it's such a famous novel in Finnish) and the translated novel costs only €13. I was tempted to buy it due to the price and the fact that it'd be easy for me to read it through. BUT then again I wanted to know if I could read the whole book in Finnish, so I found the Finnish version, but the price is €27. Crazy, isn't it? But I did decide to buy the Finnish one after all with determination that someday I HAVE to read it 'coz it's such an expensive investment he he...If you're curious, here's the English version of the book (you can click on the book to go straight to the amazon page):

Unfortunately we didn't find any place where we could fix the camera, but it was our fault. We should've browsed through the internet first to find it 'coz after we got back home, R2 browsed the internet and found one. That means we'll have to go back to Rovaniemi someday (well, we had actually thought of going there again) - preferably while he's still having his holiday, though I hve to check my schedule first. My working hours will be busier this month 'coz one coworker will soon stop working there - I think maybe she's been accepted in a university or something like that (dunno for sure). So we'll see when we have time to go to Rovaniemi again.

We also went to a Chinese restaurant to buy some takeaway dinner - I ordered some duck, whereas R2 ordered some chicken. Too bad the duck meat has strange texture, though overall the food tastes OK, but I've tasted better duck meat (even the frozen duck meat from Lidl tastes BETTER than that - I mean texture-wise). Oh least now I know that I'll NEVER buy duck from there again. Once we bought lunch buffet there and everything tasted GREAT, so it's just the duck that's the problem.

OK, now I need to blog-hop a little and then exercise (haven't done any exercise for about 5 days or so). Tomorrow and Friday I've got work to do. For those who want to see the pot of flowers I got from a customer at work, here goes: