Monday, April 25, 2016

3BT: Random Days

1. Yesterday I managed to book plane tickets for my mom. WHOOOOPPPEEE!!! Very impressed with KLM customer service on FB, since they have quick response and they help me out very promptly. I hope my mom stays healthy and everything goes out well. I've ordered wheelchair assistance for her since she's had some knee problem and it's her first time travelling solo. Plus she only speaks basic English. EXCITTTINNNGGG!!! 

Thank you as well to Juliana who's advised me to get this type of wheelchair assistance for my mom to make things more easily for her.

2. We had a lovely winter holiday in Prague. The weather wasn't that hot yet, but it enabled us to walk a lot every day. One day we even covered 18 km.

3. Here are some views of Prague as well as some silly photos of me in Madame Tussaud museum he he he...


  1. Yippee, so pleased to hear you will be seeing your mum soon. That's a very good idea with wheelchair assistance, I expect you feel happier knowing that's available for her.
    Love the pictures of you and the Madam Tussards, was that in Prague? We have one in London but I haven't been in years. Your Prague pictures are fantastic, they look very professional. I would frame them if I were you!

    1. Yeah, but now I can't focus too much on anything else. Still in preparation mode for her arrival he he...And yes, the wheelchair assistance really made me feel happier.

      Awwww...thanks for your kind words on the photos, Nikki. Yes, Madam Tussaud Museum in Prague. I took some of the photos using a kind of pencil feature on my mobile phones. It was fun! :-)

  2. I agree - the photos are gorgeous! :)