Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Rashes Came Back!!!


I'm now wondering what triggered my rashes to come back again. This morning I ate lasagna and it was fine. The rashes started to come off and it wasn't itchy...but right after I ate the joulukinkku (pork ham leg), the rashes came back full force. Now my arms are SO red again and stiff and hot...*sob sob*

I think I'm going to the doctor tomorrow evening. My skin starts getting yucky again and I can't stand the itch anymore. I'm going to stay clear of the pork ham leg as well for fear of rashes. Only tomorrow the doctor is open as well as the pharmacy. Uuuuggghhhhh...I hope it won't take too long in the health centre so that if he gives me a prescription, I can buy the medicine right away...because if it takes long there, I can only buy the medicine on Friday morning!

Sorry, guys...haven't had enough time to blog-hop today. Hopefully tomorrow or Friday I can go back to blog-hopping!!!


  1. Hey Amelia,

    What? Rash?! That is terrible :(...yes, go to the doctor tomorrow, ok?

    Let me know how it went, all right? I will pray for you :D!

    I wish you well!


  2. It may be an allergy tosomething
    Hope you get bettr

  3. hope you get feeling better i bet you are allergic to the ham or something well hugs to you :)

  4. Sorry about that itchy rash! Hope you can get some help soon.

  5. Hi Amel, Take care.

    May the rash go away, so that Amel can go out and play...

    Glad you enjoyed Christmas!

    Here is wishing you a great 2008 and may all your dreams come true! Cheers!

  6. Is it bcos of the cold winter?
    I can imagine the irritation.

    A Big warming Hug to you :)

  7. I'm sorry to hear your not feeling well. Pray the rashes go away soon.


  8. Oh, you better see a doctor soon before it gets bad.

    Take care of yourself Amel...New Year is coming. Not good to see if one of the family is sick.

  9. I hope you get better soon and can cheer up again ;)

  10. Sometimes, the cold weather can trigger rash in the body. It happened to me few years ago. Go to doctor is probably the best for you. Get well soon.

    Hey, I'm finally see your picture here :)

  11. Amel, i bet you have allergic reaction to protein in the ham (pork). for this holiday season i just limit myself to eat 1 small cut of chicken to avoid rashes come back.

    eat more watery fruits and water now. it might lessen the discomfort.

  12. Everybody, THANK YOU for your concern and prayer!!! I'll report more on this later. It's getting better again today and I'm staying clear of pork ham leg he he he he...

    And THANKS for all the well-wishes for the new year!!! ;-D

    I don't really know what I'm allergic to 'coz I had never had an allergic reaction to anything my entire life (before this) we'll see what the doctor says later. I think it'll be a bit tough to find out what someone's allergic to. Oh well...

    Again THANKS for your concernnnnn!!!!! :-))))

  13. Hugs hugs to you Amel... zyrtec is the answer... zyrtec!!! hahaha

  14. Ohh...I hope those bad rashes will go away!!! Hope they are gone for good!!! :)

  15. Trinity: THANKS, I'll remember that name IF I have another allergy attack (hope not HE HE HE).

    Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, almost he he he...hope they're gone tomorrow! I had to postpone our "midnight rendezvous" 'coz of these rashes. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! HE HE HE HE...

  16. Trinity and Choc Mint Girl: THANKS for your compliment and rayers!!! ;-D