Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3BT: Random Days

1. MIL has been able to drive her car again. Nice to see her more mobile 'coz the other week she felt down because she had been unable to go out too much after her surgery.

2. An honest customer who saved my day!!! May the Lord bless you for your honesty!

3. Hubby's funny jokes. :-D

4. Compassionate people all around me.

5. Triple-glazed windows that really help cut down the traffic noise from the street (it's only noticeable once we open a window and realize how much noise we can hear from out there without the closed windows).

6. My Mom may be going on a holiday with some of her friends who are her age later on and I'm just THANKFUL that she still has that possibility.



  1. I'm pleased to hear MIL is mobile again. And be good for your mum to have a holiday.
    Three cheers for random days!