Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tidbits At Work: I'm Not Crazy!

The other day I was working as the cashier in our store and then a coworker came by with her children to buy groceries. It was rather quiet at that time and before I started serving her, I pressed the button to call another cashier. My coworker turned around and then turned back at me with such a surprised look on her face and then I realized why she had that look.

I laughed and said, "I'm NOT crazyyyyy!!! It's time for my break, so I pressed the button."

She laughed, replying, "I was wondering why on earth you'd call another cashier because I saw nobody else behind me." 


Oh yeah, while talking about this theme, today after work I went to another supermarket to buy something that wasn't sold in our place. While there, I browsed around to see if they had other interesting offers or products, so I was walking slowly around the store when a grandpa stopped me by asking, "Can you tell me where the cat food section is?"

I don't remember him at all, so I don't know if he just thought I was working there (which was odd because I wasn't wearing the store's uniform and I definitely looked like a foreigner so I had no idea why he knew I could speak Finnish), but I thought that I wasn't in a hurry anyway, so I asked the worker there where the cat food section was and he asked me to come along with him.

So I did. I showed him where the cat food selection was and he told me to take some for him. I had NOOOO idea what kind of cat food he was looking for, so I asked him what kind of cat food he was looking for - dry or wet? He told me that he usually bought the ones in bags, so I picked one and he said, "Yeah, that's the one. Take some."

Again I got a bit confused because that type had three different flavours and I told him about the selection, but he said, "It doesn't matter which kind."

I picked two and put them in his cart, but he told me to take more, so I asked him how many cats he had. He said it was a stray cat that had been abandoned by somebody, so he took the cat in. How thoughtful of him! :-D

After I took about a dozen in total (they were small bags), he thanked me and we parted way. What an interesting encounter! :-D  


  1. That was nice of him to look after the cat. He must have thought you'd look after him as well. That's a nice story.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking that the cat was lucky. :-) Until now I still have no idea why he approached me, but well, it was a nice encounter nevertheless, though I'm afraid I won't remember him if we happen to meet again (after working in a supermarket it gets REALLY tough to remember faces, even though this is a small village).