Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Magic in the Air #3

There's magic in the air when someone says something to you that touches you so deep inside, like a miraculous salve soothing the hidden wound in your heart that you didn't even know existed. And then all of a sudden you feel the warmth bursting forth from that spot, spreading out to your entire body and soon tears stream down your face even before you realize what's going on. 

There's magic in the air when a squirrel stares at you inquisitively with its cute little eyes and bushy little tail from less than two metres away, both of you wondering what the other is thinking about.

There's magic in the air when you plan to go somewhere and then your trip coincides with some big events that make you feel giddier with excitement, especially because you didn't plan your trip knowing about them, yet at the same time you just happened to find out about those events not long before your trip started. 

There's magic in the air when the night starts getting darker again and the street lights are on again after many nights of Midnight Sun. And the leaves start changing colours step by step as the air gets cooler. 

There's magic in the air when you are doing a monologue in front of someone, pretending to be yourself and that person (voicing the monologue in your character and that person's character) and not scare that person away. 

There's magic in the air when two people say the exact same thing at the exact same time and ended up laughing together. Bliss!

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