Monday, July 04, 2016

Bubble Tea

Was just browsing around youtube and I found this react video, which reminded me of our last trip back to my hometown. We went to a mall, thinking that we would go watch a movie or something, but it was such a hot day, so I decided to go buy us something cold to drink. Since bubble tea isn't available here, I went to a bubble tea stand and asked R2 what he wanted. There were also other cold drinks available, so he chose a normal one, whereas I had this kind of bubble tea. Bubble tea became such a hit in my hometown when I was in High School (or early uni days) if I remember correctly. It was invented in the 1980s in Taiwan.

Watch the video first if you have no idea what bubble tea is:

You should've seen the look on R2's face as I was slurping my cold drink and the black balls ha ha ha ha ha ha...He said they looked like shit HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

I really LOOOOVVEEEE tapioca balls or chewy stuff (such as octopus/squid), though I'd prefer not to eat sticky toffee because I lost one tooth because of it. So the chewy stuff that I like must be the types that don't stick to the teeth. Otherwise I'd prefer not to eat them anymore. You see, a few years ago I was happily eating some sticky toffee sweets and then one of them got stuck to my tooth filling and when I tried to unstuck the toffee, the filling fell out along with it. I called the dentist's office the next day and got an appointment right away. I was thinking that he'd be able to give me another filling, but no. Turned out it wasn't an option anymore, so I had to have the whole tooth pulled out and since it was my second last upper left molar, it was a bit difficult to pull it out. Afterwards, I was told not to lift heavy stuff that day. It felt very weird in the beginning to have a big gap there, but now I'm used to it. 

Have you ever tried bubble tea? If so, any fave taste? Ever had any incident with sticky stuff that forced you to go to the dentist?


  1. Oh no, can't believe you had to have the whole tooth out! No wonder that's put you off!
    That drink sounds very unusual!
    My mum has had all sorts of trouble with her teeth coming out through food and decay! Touch wood my teeth have been very uneventful.

    1. sorry to hear about your mom's trouble with her teeth. Once was already enough for me, no more. Must admit I was lazy in brushing my teeth when I was young ha ha...but now I take good care of them. Good to hear you haven't had any major teeth problem, Nikki. Long may it stay that way!

  2. No, I never had bubbly tea. It makes me curious the way you talk about it !
    The dentist.....that's another matter ! Did you ever have cavities?? Do you remember when the dentist drilled into your teeth??
    When we went to this rural dentist, he would not give novacaine before drilling. We just sat there and took it. It became kind of a test of manhood when I was down on the farm! :)
    I'm going to be here more, read blogs more...and yes, I'm going to write more.

    1. It's not bubbly, but bubble tea he he...Oh yeah, I'm afraid I had cavities when I was younger as I was lazy in brushing my teeth. These days I'm doing much better he he...

      Yikes! No painkiller shot before drilling? Ugh...I remember having to pinch myself at the dentist's many times when I was younger, especially during the drilling. It could get pretty rough.