Thursday, June 30, 2016

Childhood Memories: Japanese and Wuxia Series

The other day a FB friend posted a video clip from an old Japanese series that we used to watch when we were kids. Back then computers were still a luxury and there were not many TV programs for kids, so video rental providers were popular (along with handheld game devices). I was saturated mostly with Japanese series (anime and non-anime) and wuxia (martial arts) series ever since I was young and I still have fond memories of these even until now. I still love Japanese anime and wuxia series.

Let me share some of my memories that have recently brought up to the surface by watching that video clip. Here goes:

1. One of my most remarkable memories of a Japanese anime series was when a bad guy in the series died and the girl who loved him the most did something extraordinary. She used a machine to take over his body to get some revenge. This body switch was such an amazing concept for a young person like me and it's left such a profound mark on me. In an anime world, imagination is the key!

Side note: the thing is, I don't remember where I saw this scene, but it's been stuck on my mind for the longest time ever, so I can't find any links to this just yet. 

2. The said video showed a superhero that could produce fire from his hair (and could shoot fire from the hair). How awesome is that? :-D I don't care how the mechanics work, but the sheer possibility of making it happen on screen is super cool. 

3. In one Japanese series, there was a female robot that could shoot boob missiles. The only downside of this was that once both missiles were shot, then she was doomed. I just found some info on this robot. No wonder she wasn't built with lots of weapon. She was built for peace! Here's the link if you want to read about her: Aphrodite A.  

I couldn't find any video clip of her in action in the anime, but here's a video of her action figure (including the boob shots) in case you want to see it: 

4. I loved watching wuxia series when I was young because of the many female characters in the movie who could do martial arts. As a tomboy, I loved the idea of strong women he he he he...Funnily enough, though, I never questioned something that I considered an epic love story in one wuxia series until much later. You see, in one story, this "forever young" female loner took in a young boy and trained him in martial arts. As he grew older, they fell in love with each other, but many people thought it was unnatural for them to be together, so they were separated for many, many years. They went through a lot of hardships, but in the end they were reunited (the guy lost one arm at one point in his journey). Here's some info on the female character: Xiaolongnu.  

Move away, Romeo and Juliet! LOL!!! 

Here's a video clip that some scenes from the series. You can see how the guy has progressed from a young adult into a mature man in it. 


  1. I watched Megaloman as well when I was little :D Also that last clip, I forget the title but I remember I watched sometimes with my opa ;)

    1. Iya, Jul, waktu kita kecil kan hiburannya itu2 lagi yah ha ha ha silat! :-D

  2. I love remembering old childhood films and programs. How cool, a woman performing martial arts.
    I like the idea of being built for peace.
    Going to watch the clips now...
    Did you ever watch a program called Monkey when you were younger? It was filmed in China I believe. The main character was a monkey man and his friend was pigsy. Monkey was a skilled fighter. I used to be transfixed by it. It also reminds me of happy family nights with my brother.

    1. In many martial arts series, lots of women (or at least the big group of female main characters) can perform martial arts. :-)

      Actually yes, I did watch the Monkey King series when I was a child. I also remember pigsy he he...So you used to watch the series together with your brother? Bliss! <3

  3. You saw it too! Oh yes me and my brother used to love watching it together!

    1. Yeah, back then these types of series/movies were pretty popular. Even in movie theatres, there were most martial arts movies than Hollywood ones.