Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Importance of Being Connected?

One thing that annoyed me during our trip to Indo was how "important" it seemed to "be connected all the time" for so many people (mostly those below the age of 40 years old). Due to the BlackBerry booming and the fact that internet connection via mobile phones these days is getting more and more practical and cheaper in Indo, many people can "chat" easily using their mobiles so easily as well as post pictures and share anything with other people.

When we were in Bandung, we went to the movies a few times and each time even when the lights had already been turned off, there was someone sitting down there who spent a few minutes doing something with his/her mobile phone. Because we chose seats located at the very back of the theatres, it was really annoying to see bright mobile phone screens in an already dark theatre.

Couldn't they have just waited until the movie ended? What could be so important? (FYI most of them looked like uni students 'coz we preferred going to the movies on a workday to avoid the weekend rush - plus the tickets are cheaper during weekdays compared to the weekend)

When I was talking to a friend, she told me that nowadays in Bandung it was a common sight to see a family eating in a restaurant, but each one of the family members was busy with their own electronic gadget or mobile phone. For someone whose primary love language is quality time, I am TRULY bothered, concerned, and sad when I hear that. I understand that it's convenient to for example use the mobile phone to "chat" or "browse online" or whatever you want while waiting for a doctor's appointment or while being on a public transit on your own, but too much is too much.

Another friend told me that when she went to meet our mutual friend, that mutual friend every once in a while kept on using the Blackberry or mobile phone. You know, I can understand the "addiction" once you start "being connected" that much. It's really handy these days to be connected via mobile phones and stuff, but on the other hand it's going to ruin many people's lives if they use it too much, don't you think?

My brother told me that it was "trendy" for Indo youngsters (or young professionals) to have three or even more mobile phones, especially to use "the latest gadget/application available". It's a whole different world that I feel here in this little village of Sodankylä. Now you don't have to wonder why I enjoy living here more than living in Indo, do you?


  1. I agree it's good to be connected, but come on guys and girls, there's a time and a place! I like to text and post comments on Facebook whilst I'm commuting to and from work, that's my connection time. But when I'm out with friends and family, I respect the time, the company and the place - the mobile should stay in your bag!

  2. I agree we must to be connected. Great Post.

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