Friday, September 23, 2011

Back from Holiday!!!

Hi, people!

We're back from our holiday. Let me just write a short list of things that I'd like to share with you.

1. I got a WONDERFUL surprise when I got back home. Among a pile of letters there is a letter from Finnish Immigration Service about my Finnish citizenship application. It's been accepted!!! I'm now a Finnish citizen!!! :-D

I can't believe the process was so quick. It took only 5.5 months (the letter arrived 2 days after we flew to Bangkok), whereas in the big cities usually it takes at least 13 months for clear cases. I think it does help that I do live in such a small village he he he...Next week I need to report to the local police to sort out my current resident permit (to cancel it out) and I'm going to apply for Finnish passport. :-D

2. The holiday went very well. The weather was great (it rained only the last few days in Bandung) and my family are doing OK. I have to tell you one weird experience, though. My brother picked us up by car and when the car was near the alley where my parents' house was located, I had this sudden feeling that my world had just shrunk a million times. I mean, I've been so used to living in Sodankylä that literally my "zone of vision" shrank the instant the car arrived in front of the alley. It was quite surreal.

3. The 2.5 days we spent in Bangkok was spent in the malls HA HA HA HA HA...It was WAY too hot and humid for us that we didn't want to walk around in the heat outside too long. I didn't use my bro's laptop too much to get online, so I didn't blog at all. I got online using my mobile, but it wasn't comfy to use it to write long texts, so mostly I just used my mobile to check my emails, read them, and post some pictures in Facebook.

4. My "Finnish brain" is now so rusty again 'coz I'd been using my "Indonesian, English, and Sundanese brains". A few times I almost even said Indonesian words when speaking with Arttu. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

5. Two weeks after the holiday started, we wished we could have been deaf temporarily 'coz it was sometimes so noisy there in the big cities, especially in Bandung 'coz my parents live in a small alley.

Back when I still lived in Bandung, whenever I went to the malls, I never felt that it was noisy there, but now it feels too noisy. I think the longer I stay in Sodankylä, the less I can handle noisy places. (And I thought I was a city girl, who was a bit worried about moving to Sodankylä - turned out I'm a village girl after all! HA HA HA...)

6. Another funny thing is that I think my taste buds have changed. Prior to the holiday, I had been thinking of a long list of food that I wanted to eat in Bandung, but after a week or so of "too delicious food", I began to understand what "those foreigners" said. By "those foreigners", I mean those who aren't used to spicy Asian food. I felt as if I had eaten too much "too delicious food" (explosion of taste in the mouth). It doesn't sound right, does it? But it's the only way I can explain it. And I know at least one friend who's had a similar experience when she got back to Indo. What I wonder far will my taste buds change? Hmmm...

7. R2 had diarrhoea for 2 days last week, but thankfully it wasn't too bad. I also felt a bit unwell for a few days, but at least now I don't feel anything weird anymore. We took it easy on the days when we felt unwell.

I'll write about more things later. Now I want to exercise a little 'coz I feel that my body's sore all over for the lack of exercise and the fact that we had been sitting in the planes for hours. Take care, people! Hope you're all doing well out there. I'll blog-hop later during the weekend, okay?



    ok, brace yourself... bad pun on the way...

    What a way to FINNISH your trip!


    Wonderful news. And so interesting to read what you said about going back 'home', how we change and things don't "fit" anymore.

    I noticed thzt the last time my mom and I ordered food from 'home' - my cravings are changing. And now I think 18 degrees C is a nice day. LOL

    Looking forward to reading more about your holiday. :-)

  2. @M: THANK YOOOUUUU!!! :-D LOVE the pun! :-D

    Yeah, I never thought my taste buds would change this way and that things wouldn't fit that way anymore. Strange but true...I knew you'd understand. :-D

    I'll definitely write more about my holiday later. :-D

  3. Hi, Amel! :-) Haven't been here for agggges and now you're already back from Bandung!!! Haha... Glad to know that you're doin' great. Our lifestyles do change on how long we've been in one place and where, what and who heee... As long as you enjoy life, that doesn't matter, right?! OK, take care too... :-)

  4. PS to you both (hi Chocmint girl)

    A TAG post, if you want to play, add your link to my blog here:


  5. WOOHOOOOO to the citizenship!! Congrats, Mel! =) Btw itu foto Mr. Bean gak banget deh hahahhahahahhahaha

    Gw juga teuh waktu ke mall di Jakarta koq yach rasanya duhhh rame banget hahaha Kalo yg chaging of taste buds sih belon terlalu (apa karena I was just in Indonesia 6 months before?).

  6. @CMG: Yeah, time flies, eh? Glad to know you've been doing OK, too. Missed you, girl!!!

    @M: THANKS for the tag! :-D

    @Shinta: THANK YOUUUUUWWWW...Gua juga waktu 2 taun lalu ke Indo sih masih belom robah taste budnya, tapi entah kenapa skrg udah robah banyak tuh, mungkin karena terakhir balik Indo tuh 2 taun lalu plus kalo masak di rumah jarang pake bumbu macem2 (kecuali instant mixes). Coba deh ntar kalo loe udah ampir 5 taunan di Faroe berubah ga tuh taste buds loe he he...