Wednesday, February 08, 2012

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby picking up some dirt from my face tenderly.

2. After letting him choose which of the two slices he wanted, hubby let me eat the best slice of the blueberry pie that MIL made (the one that had the most blueberries on it). :-D

3. Being able to match our free days (R2 took a few days off 'coz he'd accumulated plenty of overtime) and being able to enjoy those days blissfully together. :-D

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4. Playing hide-and-seek a little when I got back from my evening shift and I ran around the house when hubby tried to greet me and give me a hug. It was really EXHILARATING to to be chased HA HA HA HA HA...

5. The mug I ordered online for someone turned out to be perfect (this is the first time I had ever ordered a mug online). Now can't wait to give it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

6. Banged my head accidentally to a kitchen cabinet and hubby rubbed the place where it hurt and blew my pain away. :-D (Yeah, I'm spoiled!!!)

7. Giggling uncontrollably while remembering this old incident: Hubby tried a nose clip that was advertised to help reduce snoring, but during the night he had a dream that he was eating something and he was chewing the nose clip that he probably took out in his sleep. He woke up after he felt something weird in his mouth and took it out. ROFL ROFL ROFL...


  1. You have always have nice things to say about your relationship with your husband, and it always makes me happy when I read them. So glad you have plenty of love in your life. :)

    And, as I said on my blog, I'd LOVE a history lesson on Indo and whatever else you feel like sharing, so long as you have the time to write. My email is elenabarrett [at] gmail [dot] com.

  2. I concur with the above. Yoiu seem to have a lovely, loving relationship with your husband, and that's really heartwarming to read about.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the list, people! :-D

    @Elena + Olli: Well, we try to have as much fun as possible esp. since it seems there'll only be the two of us in our little family he he he he he...No kids doesn't mean we can't be silly and childlike, eh? :-D

  4. You know it's love when he gives you the bigger slice! Love these posts and your/our reminder of the small things which are big things that matter. If you don't mind, I am going to copy this idea soon!

  5. @The World According to Me: Hey, Nikki, I also copied this idea from someone. Click on the tab "3BT" next to "Home" tab and that'll take you straight to the original person who inspired me to write these lists. :-D I'd LOVE to read your lists! :-D