Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3BT: Random Days

1a. Looking at my own reflection on hubby's eye (I told him not to blink for a while when I enjoyed looking at it HA HA....;-D

1b. Forgot to write this: On Sunday when I was about to go to work, after I put on my winter shoes and jacket, R2 knelt down, squeezed me, and playfully said, "Don't goooooooo!!!!" LOL LOL!!!!

2. Having a farewell Japanese dinner with hubby and my Japanese and UK friend. It was FUN FUN FUN. :-D

3. The sweet little girl came to the store with the daddy and she ran towards me and gave me a hug again. :-D

4. Making weird faces and making hubby laugh.

5. SO THANKFUL that our house isn't that far away from downtown, so I can walk to and from work easily (yesterday it snowed so much that biking to work was just impossible with all the thick snow everywhere).

6. Laskiaispulla on a discount. YEAH!!!!

7. Making a stupid mistake at work, but the customers forgave me and I didn't beat myself too much after it happened.

8. Not beating myself too much about my own mistakes is a HUGE progress. In the past I could continue doing so for days or even weeks! Learning from my own mistakes isn't the same as beating myself about it.

9. Reading a very heartwarming love story/manga between a normal person and a deaf person that gives me more insights towards the life of a deaf person (the kind of insights that didn't even cross my mind).

10. Buying a pair of cheap sports shoes for work purposes (the current pair I'm wearing is starting to get worn out).

11. Finding two cheap, sturdy second-handed bags online that I need he he he...Two for only €10!


  1. I love that tea bag comment at the end! So true!

    Moving on after making a mistake is a tough thing to learn, so well done! We just can't always be perfect, and beating ourselves up about it does absolutely nothing to help. After 36 years I still have to remind myself of that, every day...

  2. @Katriina: Yeah, I love glitter-graphics.com for providing me with lovely graphics/images and quotes he he...

    Here's to learning to stop beating ourselvesssss then! :-D One step at a time! :-D

  3. Mmm, I'm jealous of your Japanese dinner. I miss having delicious Japanese food, as there isn't much around here!

  4. @Elena: And I think in bigger cities, the Japanese dishes are soooooo expensive...yikes!!! Yeah, was lucky that our friend cooked for us. :-D Unfortunately she's leaving soon. No more Japanese cooking sessions. Would love to have learnt more dishes. :-(

  5. Lovely.
    I agree, progress and learning from your mistakes, not beating yourself up, is a valuable lesson in life. Love your hubbies comment, don't go. Always nice to be appreciated and missed hey.

  6. Ohhh!! Japanese dinner! hehehehehe :P

    Well done for not beating yourself up after a mistake. :D

  7. @The World According to Me: Yep, nice to be appreciated indeed. :-D

    @Shinta: Yeah, it was nice not to have to cook for a change and eat Asian food!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D