Friday, February 03, 2012

Moon Pictures...

R2 took a few days off to match my days off with his. We were planning to go to the cabin but 'coz the temperature has been so cold and the cabin is without electricity or heater or indoor toilet, it wouldn't be too nice to spend a night there 'coz R2 will have to burn firewood over and over again during our stay there (including during the night when we sleep), so we've been spending quality time at home.

Because I have work this weekend, we went to my MIL's place today already and over there I took a few pics. Here they are...temperature was around -27'C, photos taken at around 2 pm.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! There's nothing like some beautiful scenery to make you feel better about being cold. :P

  2. Glad you enjoy the pics, ladies! :-D