Thursday, November 15, 2012

Animated Movies

The other day my close friends and I were talking about animated movies. It's always a funny topic to talk about because we have clearly different tastes in animated movies, so it's very tricky to recommend any animated movies to one another (recommending human movies is a different thing). I think it also has to do with our own expectations on what we consider "great animated movies" and what kind of scenes we consider "funny". 

Side note: To make it easier in case you're not familiar with the movies, I've linked them to their imdb pages.

For example, in the past my friend J talked about how great "The Incredibles" was. This was backed up by another friend, S. I was so eager to watch it because I wanted to join in the fun, but alas...when I watched it, I think I may have expected WAY too much (or way too differently), so I was left disappointed so to speak. It was funny in parts, but nothing special for me.

Among the girls, I'm the only one who's totally crazy about "Ice Age" trilogy. All of them think that Ice Age is fine, but nothing much.

N loves "The Emperor's New Groove" along with another friend F, but I don't think it's too memorable. 

I love "Tangled" (esp. the horse's character Maximus!!!! I'm a HUGE FAN!!!!), whereas F says that she doesn't really like it. 

The last animated movie we were discussing was "Brave". I had been DYING to see it ever since I saw the trailer. An independent princess who knows how to shoot arrows so well? A rebellious young lady who refuses to follow the norm? My kind of heroine! :-D 

J and S loved "Brave" so much, but J thought that I wouldn't be so crazy about it. F also enjoyed watching "Brave" much more than "Tangled".

Finally last night we got a chance to watch "Brave". And even though it was funny, I think again I had had a different idea on what the story would be (after watching the trailer), so I was rather taken aback at the plot that continued after the trailer ended. So unfortunately I think J was right in thinking that "Brave" wasn't going to be my fave animated movies, even though I had been dying to watch it.

Conclusion: Sometimes I think it's better NOT to expect anything at all than being disappointed in the end ha ha ha ha ha...but then again it's rather hard at times esp. if you wish the story would go a certain way, but it doesn't. Oh well he he he...

Because I love Maximus so much, let me share this fun video with you...this isn't included in the movie itself. I found it on youtube. I just watched it again and couldn't help laughiiinngggg HA HA HA HA HAAHHHH...


  1. Thanks for the tips. I haven't seen any of these films. I've only just got round to seeing 'Casino Royale' the first Daniel Craig James Bond film!
    Hmm, I'm a little behind, aren't I!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Nikki! Well, you've been a busy lady the past year, no? *wink* HE HE HE HE HE...No wonder you haven't been watching too many movies. :-D

  2. In our house, the first Kung Fu Panda movie has been watched countless times, and also Madagascar! Oh, and we all love the donkey from Shrek :D

    1. Oh, I like Kungfu Panda as well. :-D Madagascar is fine for me, but nothing much. The donkey from Shrek is really something hi hi hi hi...:-D He's unforgettable! :-D

  3. I LOVE the Ice Age trilogy!! I love the mini sloths, the squirel, the mammoths... :-))

    And then... all the Shrek movies (:-D I love Donkey!) and Tangled was brilliant too.

  4. Michelle: finally I found someone else who's crazy about the Ice Age trilogy! YES YES YES I also love the mini sloths, the squirrel, the mammoths. :-D

    I'm not too fond of Shrek the second if I remember correctly. The first and the third are the better ones.

    For some reason the "reply" button doesn't work...hmmmphhh...