Monday, November 05, 2012

My Dear Molar

Yep, you guessed it! Last night I was eating some toffee (or toffee-filled chocolate) and enjoying it UNTIL it got stuck to my molar (the upper left molar) and then I realized something hard came off. My molar's filling!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH...It didn't hurt yet 'coz I stopped eating after that.

I've never gone to the public dentist before in Sodankylä, so today I was a bit lost and I had to call R2 to find out the direction. I have actually looked it up on Google Map, but I'm not really good with direction and scales. I had miscalculated the distance. The dentist's number was 31 and when I passed by 27, I was happy 'coz it meant the building must have been nearby, but was still far away from there!!! In my confusion, I turned on the right after passing through number 27, going to the wrong direction HA HA HA HA HA HA...R2 picked me up from where I was lost to get me to the right building.

Anyway, at first I thought that they'd only refill my molar, but turned out the dentist thought it was better to pull it out altogether. Then after the painstaking task of pulling it out (my molar was already in a bad condition*** - the dentist said that the gum was a bit inflamed already and there was little tooth left 'coz the filling was HUGE!!!), he told me that I should take it easy for a few days and I shouldn't do any physical exertion 'coz it could start the bleeding all over again. WHAT?!?!?!?! I have an evening shift today, so I asked R2 to pick me up again (I walked there and I wanted to tell my boss ASAP so that she could find my replacement - calling her was an option but I was chewing some gauze and it made it harder for me to talk) and he dropped me at work. Luckily another coworker could be my replacement. Phew!!!

And I'm happy to say that I wasn't put on a long waiting list 'coz that was my fear before I called them today to set an appointment. And because another patient before me didn't come, I could get inside earlier and that gave the dentist enough time to do the procedure. Otherwise he probably would have been forced to do it another day. Oh, and I got the bill right away. 42 Euros.

The dentist was a nice young man (my dentists in Indo were much older) who just visited Indonesia a few months ago with his girlfriend he he he...It's nice to know that some people aren't confused about where Indonesia is located whenever I tell them where I'm from. He found out about it 'coz I had to fill in a form prior to getting inside and I wrote that I had my wisdom tooth extraction in Indo last year. And at the end of the meeting, he said "Terima kasih" (thank you) HE HE HE HE HE...

I'm very thirsty now, but I still can't drink anything yet. Trying to bide my time writing this post until I can drink again. Oh well...just half an hour until I can drink again...

*** I think that molar was in a worse condition 'coz when I realized that my right wisdom tooth grew horizontally and that it had left an gap between that wisdom tooth and the molar beside it, I was afraid of chewing food on that side of my mouth, so for a long time I chewed my food with the left side of my mouth and that molar must've suffered the blow 'coz it had been in a bad shape even before then.


  1. I don't like to go to dentist either but I had to go there over 2,5 weeks. Ada yg bolong :((

    1. Yeah, I don't think anybody likes going to the dentist he he he...hope your hole has been taken care of! :-)

  2. Yikes, glad it all worked out ok, I'm petrified of dentists! (luckily I have amazingly healthy teeth with minimal effort). So lucky they culd see you soon too!

    1. THANKS for the sympathy!!!! I'm actually wondering now when I should start chewing with that feels really weird having that second molar gone. But oh well...I guess I should start from rather soft food first he he...