Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3BT: Random Days

1. Watching the sky gradually turn pink at work. First there was some baby blue colour at the bottom and then it went to soft pink and more pink at the top...the pink colour slowly spread out until the baby blue colour at the bottom was covered by it. And then the sun came out and many people commented on how great it felt to be able to see the sun again. After the sun set again, the sky turned baby blue once more. Ahhhh...so beautiful!

P.S: These two pics I put here were taken a few days ago. Not the best angles, but I just didn't feel like going farther away to take better pics ha ha...

2. R2 was playing some computer game and then I fed him some salmiakki candies and asked, "Do you feel like a king now?"

He said, "Well, now I could use a drink."

I laughed, saying, "Don't you think you're asking too much?"

He shook his head and said no.

I went to get some drink for him and he said thank you, then I asked again, "Now do you feel like a king?"

He said, "Yep, and you're my queen." LOL!!!

3. Had some salted peanuts while watching TV. When we were going to bed, I farted and it smelled like peanuts. Ewwwwww...grossly fun! :-D

4. The moment when someone else laughs/giggles so much until he/she cries and even though you think that the cause of the outburst is not funny, you still want to laugh along simply because the sight of seeing someone laugh that much is so contagious!

5. After freezing days, the temperature went up drastically and I got sweaty just by riding my bike to work. It's always a nice surprise to feel that way!

6.  I saw a very cute animal pic on FB and I was aww-ing over it while telling R2. R2 had no reaction whatsoever. So I asked him, "Okaaaayyy, then what do you consider cute?"

He pointed at me right away. :-D


  1. That sky is just stunning! Around what time did you snap those photos?

    1. It's around 2.20 pm 'coz I was about to check our mailbox outside (normally I'd check it a little after 2 pm) and I was SO pleasantly surprised when I was welcomed by the pink sky. :-)

  2. R2 is pretty funny at times :)