Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Virus Time!

I've been busy at work again and I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. A coworker got sick and another one is sick. It seems that it's spreading around - whatever virus that is. I'm trying my best to sleep a lot and take vitamins and stuff, so fingers crossed that I'll be able to avoid getting really sick. The temperature went up to 1'C on Sunday, so a lot of the snow that had piled up melted away, but it seems that we've got a little bit of snow last night or this morning, so it's all white again, although it was a bit slippery in some parts yesterday because of the melted snow that went frozen again during the night.

My head feels a bit weird, so I'm not going to write too long. I just wanna share some magnificent Finnish photos by a Finnish photographer. Here's the link:

I really love his photos because they make me feel like I'm in a nice dream. If you go down the page, you can find the photographer's website link as well as FB link. He's put a lot of other pictures in both links.

And let's have some laugh with some hilarious Chinese-English translations he he he he...here goes: 

OK, I'm gonna dose myself with some berries now!  


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