Thursday, March 20, 2014

Team Sport

I've never really been a sporty girl. Actually there was even a time when I didn't like sports at all ha ha ha ha ha ha...but I know the importance of exercising regularly and I do want to stay healthy as long as I can, so yesterday as usual hubby had his Wii exercise regime again, but this time at the end of it he played tennis, so I joined him and paired up with him against two other random players. It felt SO good to win and each time we won, we'd hug each other (sweaty bodies LOL!). 

Then I told him, "Now I know how good it feels to win a team sport!" 

I was never really that good at sports, either. I think the only thing I was good at was probably running, though I can't say that I do like running now. Back in Junior High School we had such a strict sports teacher that always always always told us to run lots of laps at the beginning of each sports lesson. It was so boring and I always had to be the leader (because I was the shortest, you see). They separated the guys from the girls. One time we were told to do a few more laps because the teacher thought that we were going too slow, so ever since then I always tried running a little faster because I didn't want us all to get punished, but ever since then the ones at the back kept on relaying messages to me to slow down ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

In High School we didn't run as much as in Junior High and what was worse was that we didn't get any sports lesson at all during the last year, so I was in pretty bad shape at that time. I started becoming more interested in exercising again when I was at uni. I bought some used foreign sports magazines and I'd follow the exercises written there (remember that at that time the internet was still a new thing so it was still cheaper to buy used magazines) he he he...How time flies! Nowadays you can watch anything online and you can download so many things online.

Anyway, these days I'd exercise using some exercise videos and youtube videos (Taebo, Core Rythym, Belly Dancing, Zumba) and Wii. I'd choose different videos/programs according to my mood. In spring/summer I feel that I exercise more because there's more sunlight, but in winter I tend to get lazier and I really feel I need to push myself more to exercise in winter. However, I'm the type that prefers to exercise at home compared to going to the gym/running outside he he...

Are you good at sports? Are you the sporty type? Any fave type of sports? Do you like exercising outside/going to the gym?


  1. Nope, I'm not the sporty type at all. I didn't really like sport at school, and was never really good at it, prob why I didn't like it!
    I don't mind the gym so much, because I'm not competing, I can go at my own pace and feel good that I'm keeping fit. Although gym memberships in the UK can be so expensive so I've had to cancel my old membership! We do have a bike in the bedroom, but I never seem to have the time to use it! Oh well...

  2. I am not sporty type. I don't do much with sport. Actually, I do more "sport" since living in here. In here, I walk lots and use bicycle too :D