Friday, April 25, 2014

Poco Loco Mexican Restaurant

R2 found a Mexican restaurant near our hotel after we arrived in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. It's called Poco Loco (which means "a little crazy"). According to the article we found, the restaurant is supposed to be an excellent one. After all, hubby loves Mexican food. So one day we set up to go there in the evening because it's only open during certain times of the day. Here's their card:

We got there at 19.00 sharp and the place was still empty ha ha...The place is in a rather secluded area, rather close to the Orchid Garden in Sitio Litre. You have to walk along an alley in order to reach it. Here's R2 posing near the restaurant (to the left there was a slope going down towards the restaurant's parking lot). 

Anyway, because it was rather windy and the wind was cool, we decided to sit inside. When we entered the room, I saw many tables there reserved already, so we entered the other room and sat down to choose what to eat. The prices of the food are MUCH MUCH cheaper than that in Finland (2-3 times cheaper).

R2 ordered some fajitas, I ordered Aztec beef steak, whereas MIL ordered some chicken tinga. Not long after that, our food arrived. Unfortunately for MIL, her chicken turned out to be VERY spicy (she's not used to hot food), so she couldn't finish it. Fortunately R2 couldn't finish his, so MIL ate the rest of the fajitas (without the spicy sauce). My Aztec beef steak was HUGE (thick) and very tender, but it wasn't spicy at all, so I asked for some tabasco ha ha...

Here are some photos of our food...

Here are some photos of us going out of the restaurant...

If I remember correctly the fajitas cost around €11 and my food was about the same. MIL's chicken tinga was cheaper, about €8,50. So I'd highly recommend the place, even though you'd better ask first how hot/spicy the food is if you're not used to burning hot food ha ha ha...I think in general each time we went out to eat together, the total amount we spent for the food and drinks were around €25-40. Not bad at all! :-D


  1. I'm a massive fan of Mexican food although I would have to check how spicy it was as I can't handle it too hot! We often cook fajitas on a Friday night, Mark adds spicy sauce as he says I'm a wimp!

    1. We should meet someday and have some Mexican food ha ha ha...:-)