Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Sitio Litre Orchid Garden

One of the places we visited in Puerto de la Cruz was The Orchid Garden in Sitio Litre. The entrance fee costs € 4,75/person. It's not such a huge garden, but it's the oldest surviving garden in Tenerife. It's been owned continuously by British families since 1730 (according to the brochure). Funny thing is that the information in the brochure is also translated in Finnish. In fact, there are many restaurant menus in Finnish as well. I think there have been lots and lots of Finnish tourists going there for years. They even speak a little Finnish at the hotel where we stayed at.

Anyway, there have been plenty of famous guests in the parties thrown in this particular garden, including William Wilde (father of Oscar Wilde) and Agatha Christie.

Here are some photos of the garden.

The entrance:

The Koi pond near the entrance where guests could sit down and sunbathe ha ha...

The cute souvenir shop (at that time it was still closed). It sells some seeds as well (plant/flower seeds) at €1/bag. It also sells paintings as well as other stuff. Funnily enough, I noticed some used books/novels sold there, as well he he he...

Other parts of the garden...they have a separate section for the orchids.

Here is my hand as comparison (I know my hand is small, but still the red flowers are HUGE!). 

Agatha Christie and a character in one of her novels:

Here are the orchid section:

And at the back of the garden there's this 600-year-old tree.

There's also this funny-looking bare tree near the tree above.

There's a small cafe at the back of the garden, but we continued our journey and we found this tree with a HUGE trunk on our way back to the front of the garden. Again I'm aware that I'm small (only 145 cm) but still that tree trunk is huge he he he...

I took a photo from below to capture the upper side of the tree.

And after walking further away, I managed to capture (almost) the entire tree:

Had fun on R2's expense before going out...don't the papayas look like a hat? HA HA HA...Papaya Hat LOL!!!


  1. Two of my fav things, Orchids and Agatha Christie.
    And those big red flowers really are big.
    Love this post.

    1. Oh, you love orchids and Agatha Christie? I used to read her books when I was much younger (Junior High School) and I used to think if I ever had a girl, Agatha would be a good name for her HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

  2. I love Agatha's books and often indulge in the films (when Tommy is asleep and allows me!).
    Yep, good solid name!