Monday, April 21, 2014

Santa Cruz

During our holiday in Puerto de la Cruz, we decided to go to Santa Cruz (about 40 km away). Asked the hotel receptionist which bus to take. Luckily, unlike our experience in Bulgaria, the buses came on time. We took the regular bus there, but on the way back we took the express buss (same fee, shorter route). Luckily for us, the express bus had a scenic route, so if you ever go there by bus, I suggest taking the express bus instead.

Here's a pic of me and MIL waiting for the bus at the bus stop and a photo of the bus tickets. The ticket price €15.75 is for three people.

Here's a photo I took from the bus. The scenic bus ride back to Puerto de la Cruz. There's the sea at the right side of this. I'll upload the short bus trip video later.

Santa Cruz is definitely a MUCH bigger place than Puerto de la Cruz. Here are some photos of downtown Santa Cruz. 

Here are some pics of the market. When I first saw the clock from afar, I thought it was some kind of church or something ha ha ha ha ha...This market reminds me of the market in Budapest. :-) There are also food sellers, butchers, etc.

Here's one photo of the inside of the market.

The other end of the market.

We didn't browse around in the market itself, but I found a top in one of the stores on the outer side of the market. Then we continued walking and walking and walking until we got thirsty, so we stopped by a coffee shop to have some snacks. I bought some croquettes, which tasted similar to those in Indo. Yummy!

Then we continued walking towards the high end shops and stores...
Interesting looking flowers high up on those trees...and some zoomed up pics of the flowers.

We kept on walking and walking until we found this...Some cafe/restaurants with interesting ceilings...the other side of the ceiling is covered with beautiful flowers.

Here's a video clip that I took in this area to give you a clearer view. The building with a sloping low roof across the pond is the restaurant with flowery roof.


  1. Brilliant pictures. Interesting post. I went to Tenerife years ago but sadly I just went to the beach, bars and restaurants. I was only 19 and didn't think to tour around and visit places of interest.

  2. Then maybe someday you can visit the place again with your family. :-) Glad you enjoyed the pics. :-)