Friday, November 19, 2010

Accident Prone

Nothing much happening here. Work, enjoying free time, work, enjoying free time he he...The other day I cooked frozen duck from scratch. In the past, the frozen ducks I had bought had already been spicy, so I only had to put them in the oven. This time, though, I had to think of what to do with it. A recipe I found mentioned using some lemon juice, salt, and pepper, but I wanted it to be more spicy. Good thing I had this package of Bak Kut Teh spice mix, so I boiled some water with the spice mix and pour it all over the duck and shove the baking pan into the oven along with the "broth". I also added sliced garlic and onion all over and inside the duck.

I baked the duck at 160'C for about two and a half hours - in between I turned the duck around and around. The last 20 minutes, though, I took out almost all of the broth so that the duck could get a bit crispy on the outside and I turned the heat into 200'C. I should've probably let it sit there for a little longer, 'coz it wasn't too crispy yet, but it didn't matter 'coz I took out all the skin anyway 'coz R2 wouldn't want to eat skin or fat he he he...

And while trying to prepare the duck, I accidentally burnt my arm (it touched the oven) and cut my finger. Even in my workplace I sometimes bump into things accidentally and R2 keeps on worrying about me. Oh least they are only minor "accidents". I've never really hurt myself so badly he he he...

I'm TRULY looking forward to this evening 'coz we're going to do a movie marathon tonight. We haven't been watching any movies in a LONG time. Due to my work schedule, we've only been able to watch TV series and we still have to catch up on them. So we have more than 10 movies to watch (the first we're going to watch tonight is Inception) besides the TV series. YAHOOOOOOO!!! Usually today is the day when R2 plays computer games with his buddies until morning, but now he's going to spend HOURS with me HE HE HE HE HE...YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! ;-D

Other than that, I've been doing fine. Been sneezing the past few days, but I hope it's nothing serious. Today I cooked beef teriyaki. Haven't eaten it yet, but I can't wait to eat it with chili sauce HO HO HO HO...Take care, people, and have a blessed weekend!


  1. The duck sounded divine! Happy movie night and happy weekend.
    As for the clumsiness, I am forever cutting myself and burning myself and dropping things in the kitchen! The other night I dropped my whole dinner on the floor and all over the cupboards. I was not a happy girl!

  2. You've got to be more careful. Maybe you like working fast? I have this problem and I have some cuts on my both palms now because I cut cut byu the kitchen knife!

    Actually you could leave the duck skin on so the duck stays juicy inside. Crank up the heat and the fat will all melt away, leaving a thin layer os crispy skin like peking duck.

  3. Recently I burnt my arm too by touching the oven :((

    Looks you had fun weekend, Amel :D

  4. The World According to Me: The movie weekend went GREAT, THANKS! And oh dear...sorry to hear you're also a fellow accident-prone person. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. :-( But let's try to take care then!

    Blur Ting: HE HE HE...I think I'm just a little clumsy and I do like working a little fast he he...

    Yeah, next time I'll try cranking up the heat longer so that the duck's skin gets crispy. THANKS for the tip! I did crank it up, but I think I should have left it much longer. I just didn't want to use too much electricity 'coz I had left it there for 2.4 hours already he he...

    Jul: OH too? Hope it heals soon then. Mine is almost 100% healed now. :-D

  5. Hi Clumsy Colin! :D

    I've been sneezing a lot of late too... ;(

    I always boil my duck first, to get rid of as much of the fat as possible that is naturally under the layer of its skin. Being a water bird, it has lots of waterproofing! :D Then I bake it.. and it comes up nice and crispy. Yummy!

    Hope you enjoyed your films...

    Love Clumsy Colin II