Tuesday, November 09, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Sunshine!!! ;-D

2. Eating anniversary cake at my in-laws' place and then we played some cards. :-D

3. Taking these pictures:

3. Warm socks in different sizes and lengths so that I can wear a few pairs of them if needed.

4. The back warmer I bought is DEFINITELY useful for work purposes 'coz it can get pretty cold there, esp. in the warehouse and near the cold storage and my belly gets cold easily. Plus it doesn't get me too sweaty when I need to be more physically active there. Simply perfect for my needs!!!

5. Talking to my Mom on Skype and chatting with a friend on YM.

6. Finnair bulletin states that they're opening straight flights from Helsinki to Singapore starting from May 2011. WOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

7. Hubby changing his pillow in order to try to reduce his snoring. He even bought a kind of "nose ring" that was advertised to be able to help reduce/stop snoring. ;-D

8. Hubby's hugs and kisses and tender touches. ;-D

9. A long weekend this week, which I'm going to enjoy thoroughly. YEEEEESSSS!!!!!


  1. My hubby stopped snoring a few years ago when he took up golf and lost weight!

    Your last picture: Hah hah, like and elk or a reindeer buried in the deep deep snow, and only the antlers showing :D

  2. Hi Amel,

    I love the first shot: it is so cute!

    Enjoy your long weekend and have fun!

    Chatting on Skype with family is the most enjoyable time spent on earth ;).

    Girl, keep up with the good spirits :D!


  3. Nice shots, Mel. :)
    As for R2, Ismo said, "Welcome to the club!" :P Yeah, I used to wake up in the nite becoz of his snoring, then he tried to change his pillow but still didn't work (of course! doh!) Then, after he has shed some kilos away, he doesn't snore so much anymore. :P

  4. Love the pictures, especially the first one.
    Keep warm! It must be so cold where you are.
    Any luck with your UV lamp?

  5. You can fly straight to Singapore! Yay!

  6. Rita: Interesting to know! :-D And yeah, I didn't realize about that last pic ha ha ha...

    Max: Glad you enjoyed the pics, Max. Yep, I'll try keeping up my good spirits! :-D

    Henny: I don't have a problem with his snoring if I fall asleep before he starts snoring (or if I'm too tired so I fall asleep so fast), but sometimes when he falls asleep first and I'm not too tired, it's hard to fall asleep he he...The nose ring helps actually plus the pillow. It reduces 80% of his snoring. :-D

    Losing some kilos, eh? R2 used to be a few kgs thinner (when I first moved to Finland) but he snored anyway at that time. Even when we first met, I knew he snored he he...

    The World According to Me: Yes, thanks, I'm keeping myself warm. I'm still waiting for my paycheck before ordering the UV lamp...so next week it is. I think I know already which one I'm gonna buy after comparing and contrasting the prices and the types of lamp he he...I'll let you know later how it goes.

    Blur Ting: YEAH!!! Isn't that COOL? R2 and I want to go back to Sgp anyway 'coz we haven't really had time to circle around Sgp he he he...

  7. Love love love those pix. :-) Enjoy your weekends in advance.

  8. Lovely photos, Amel. First one is my fav. Have a great weekend.

  9. my Mom uses Skype and loves keeping in touch w/ her grandkids: I love sunshine and it seems way tooooo rare in the winter/late fall!
    Happy anniversary, Amel!!!
    What kind of cards do you play??

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