Thursday, November 18, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Exchanging heartfelt emails with my MIL. :-D

2. Beautiful wintery pinkish sky (two days in a row) with a half moon hanging SO LOW above the horizon (it looked SO huge) when I rode my bike to work. Too bad I didn't have time to take a pic of it, but it was just AMAZING.

3. My trusted bike (which is perfect for my height). Without it I wouldn't have been able to do many things in a practical way.

4. Discounts, discounts, discounts for food products!

5. Belgian chocolate with lovely fillings (would have never tried 'em if one customer hadn't told me how delicious they were). Mmmmmhhh...

6. My homemade roast duck tasted HEAVENLY and we had mint-chocolate ice-cream and strawberries for dessert. Yum yum...

7. A friend has sent me a package filled with Indo goodies, so I can't wait to get it 'coz it's filled wish some stuff I haven't even eaten in a LONG time. WOOOHHHOOO!!! THANK GOD for angels on earth!

8. Hubby for warming up my legs and body at night and for scratching my back whenever I need it. :-D

9. I've ordered the light therapy lamp and I'm waiting for it to arrive. ;-D

10. Hubby greeting me at night with hugs and kisses whenever I have an evening shift. :-D

11. SAUNA is one of the GREATEST inventions EVER, esp. for a place like Finland HUE HE HE HE HE HE...

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