Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yeah, been busy and tired a lot lately. I've read online about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and I think I'm suffering from it. Not the depression, but the weird fatigue (even though I've slept enough) and being unmotivated. Also my brain doesn't work as well as in summer. I've also read that working shift jobs also affects your body to suffer from SAD. When I was helping out at the library two winters ago, I didn't feel any SAD 'coz I had such a regular work schedule. But now every week I have different work schedule, so my body clock is all messed up now that it gets darker and darker in winter (in December there will be a few days when the sun doesn't come up at all).

I've been thinking of buying a light therapy lamp and I've been browsing A LOT to find out which one I should buy. It's hard to choose 'coz the best one seems to be Philips, but I don't want to pay that much for a lamp (esp. 'coz I don't know if it'll work as well for me or not) and I've been toying with the idea of buying another lamp (made locally) that is half as cheap, but I still haven't decided yet. Gonna browse a little bit more before deciding - plus I want to wait until I get my paycheck first before ordering anything he he he...

Other than that I've been fine. Went to my MIL's yesterday to celebrate an early Father's Day with my BIL and SIL 'coz R2 was having a pre-Xmas party in Levi, so he couldn't come. I walked to my MIL's place 'coz I wanted to get a ride from BIL/SIL HE HE HE...

OK, now here are my 3BT random list:

1. Hubby's home safe and sound and I can BUG him again HA HA HA HA HA...It was boring without him here. Plus he wrote a very funny SMS that made me laugh last nite: "Bunny! Get me out of here! I MISS YOUUUUUU!" HE HE HE HE HE...

2. Watching the clouds today...

3. Noticing that some people have already started putting some Christmas lights outside (on the bushes/trees). They really cheer me up when I ride my bike to work in the mornings ('coz it's already SO dark now in the mornings).

4. A customer asking me if I felt at home already in Sodankylä and when I said yes, he really looked like he cared about it. THANK GOD for caring people! :-D

5. Having warm-hearted non-fussy in-laws that let us do our thing without interfering with anything, that accept me just the way I am.


7. Fast internet access that never gives us any trouble. :-D

8. Having a job (just when I thought that getting a job here would be close to impossible). :-D

9. Frozen duck (haven't cooked it yet, but it made me SUPER HAPPY to find it at Lidl's again!).

10. Sending an email to someone to say how much I appreciate that person.

11. I'll sleep with hubby again tonight! YIIIIHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! No more lonely bed!!! ;-D

12. Getting some free non-alcoholic cider from Lidl HA HA HA HA HA HA...;-D I LOVE cider!


  1. Hi Amel,

    I think I might have been suffering from SAD for the past year now ha ha!! Seriously though I know what you mean. Have you tried taking vitamin D?

    I love the photo you took of the clouds. Perfectly composed :-)

  2. Fish: Yeah, I've tried taking vit. D but they don't work well. Just going to order the lamp he he...

    GLAD you love the cloud pic. It doesn't really do any justice 'coz there are SO many other parts of the clouds that I couldn't capture in one pic. You should come and see them for yourself someday! :-D

  3. Oh, I think I might be having SAD as well especially when you mentioned about working on shifts. It affects my sleeping pattern and that's why sometimes I don't have energy even though I have enough sleep. :-(

    Anyway, love the 2nd pic and wow, your hubby already had an early pre-X'mas party in mid Nov hehehe...

  4. Uh I also love the clouds pic hehe...

  5. Have you been physically inert, or are you active each day? The energy rush from exercise serves me well in Michigan, where it's depressing all year long, haha.

  6. CMG: Sorry to hear that you've also suffered from lethargy. Hope you can get energized someway or another. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Xenolithofreason: At work I'm physically active most of the time due to the nature of my work and I try to exercise at least once or twice a week. I admit that after SAD I haven't exercised as regularly as before, but I'm trying to get back to my routine again. :-D

  7. Hey Amel :D!

    Girl, I heard those anti-SAD lamps are effective; so you should try one if winter is affecting you that much (although it didn't before, did it?).

    Ah, there is nothing better than having one's husband around, right? ;)

    Loved your pics!

    Big hug and I am glad that you are well!


  8. Hello, I'm doing an experiment for my IB Math internal assessment and would appreciate if you could fill out a survey. The topic of the experiment is whether personal characteristics influence the way the person will pick numbers in a lottery. Thank you.

  9. Oh dear. I feel that we've taken the hot sun here for granted :-P

    I tend to experience lethargy from time to time, mostly due to change in hormones before my period. Also the food that I eat, especially bread, really puts me to sleep.

  10. Last year about mid-summer, I bought a goose from Lidls. It was from Christmas time, so it was half price. It was delicious! :-D This year I got a turkey half price for Christmas the same way. I mean... it's frozen so how can it be OLD? I remember reading how scientists in Russia found a frozen Mammoth and ate some. If they can eat a thousands-of-years old mammoth I can eat a one year late frozen turkey! ;-)