Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Being Flexible

How flexible you should be when it comes to work? I'm still trying to figure out the balance here. I've stated to my superiors that I feel like I've done too much work and they say that they're going to reduce my hours ('coz I've done MANY more hours than what is stated in my contract) when the new workers they hire start working next month.

I don't know if I'm lazy or not, but I feel that I don't want to work too much 'coz I want to live a balanced life. First of all, even though I DO appreciate being able to get the extra money by doing overtime, but I appreciate MORE having spare time to do other things I want to do 'coz we've got more than enough anyway even when I only do a certain amount of hours per week.

Secondly, if I can help it, not being burnt out is better 'coz then I can do my best when it's time for me to work (remember that I have to communicate in Finnish and that takes mental effort to do, esp. 'coz I have to count money when I'm at the cashier). After all, when I signed up for the job, it was for a part-time job only, not a full-time job. The other week was really rough and I felt like my brain wasn't working well anymore and I wouldn't be able to give the best when I'm like that.

Anyhow, enough contemplation. Now on to some more wintery pics...

First pic: Another attempt at taking panoramic pics. Click to view a bigger size. I cropped out a bit of the right side of the pic he he...

2nd pic: As we were about to leave the place, the reindeer came to the field to find some food. The leader of the pack is busy digging for food in the pic below...

The two other reindeer in the herd:

Trick of the eye pic that I took of the cabin window that reflects the lights from the oil lamp and the candle inside the cabin he he...

I'll go blog-hopping now while I have a free day he he...


  1. It's wise that you asked your boss to reduce your working hour when you feel that you can't do better at work becoz of too much work. The most important is that you don't risk your health becoz of being burnt out, though.
    As for the pics, I love those reindeers pics! :D I think they look cute. :P

  2. @Henny: THANKS for your support. :-D Glad you enjoyed the reindeer pics. :-D

  3. Don't work to hard, Amel hihihi... Just enjoy your moment. I had enough work hard for 10 years when I lived in Jakarta. Now, I am SOO happy being WAHM.

    Lovely pics, I wish there are reindeer like that in here :D

  4. @Jul: Iya, Jul, lagian emang ga berkekurangan juga, jadi ga ngoyo ngejar duit atau apaan gitu deh di tempat kerja ha ha...

    Well, at least di tempat loe sering ada beautiful swans. I'd love to take pics of swans. :-D Di sini ada juga tapi jarang liat dari jarak dekat he he...

  5. I think you're very wise to decide to go for balance in your life rather than just allowing your work time to eat your energy away. Good!

    The reindeer are pretty, but I like the first photo "panorama" the best. :-)

  6. @Michelle: THANKS for your POV and support. Glad you enjoyed the pics! :-D