Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. My boss has read the note I made and said that in the new worklist, I'll get less hours. YEEESSS!!! That starts in a few weeks, so until then I'll still be a bit busier he he...but I'm glad I did decide to give the note.

2. The kind old guy who once gave me flowers gave me another pot the other day. I almost couldn't contain my happy tears from flowing (PMS mode) and believe me, it was SO hard to control myself when I still had other customers to serve. Some of them probably saw my wet eyes and wondered what went wrong HA HA HA...I don't know why the old guy is so nice to me, but I THANK GOD for having customers like him.

Before he came, it had been hectic hours at work and I was feeling tired, but after he gave me the pot of flowers, nothing else mattered and I felt SO refreshed. ;-D It felt like drinking fresh water in the middle of a very hot day in the desert.

3. A little girl who's been very friendly to me has been asking about me whenever she and her parents go out to buy groceries. I'm SO touched that another person's child remembers me, even though I don't really know her, but she's SO cute!!!

4. A male customer asked me the usual stuff (where I come from, etc.) and after that he said, "You're brave for moving here." I thanked him, though I don't really feel brave, but I TRULY appreciate people who give others encouragement. They're angels on earth.

5. Christmas holiday is coming soon. Dinner with family, playing cards and drinking some cider and eating chocolate...just the thought of that brings warmth to the soul, 'coz we'll never know how much time left we have with one another.

6. We're going on a short trip to Rovaniemi sometime. YAHOOOOOOOO!!! It wasn't exactly planned - sort of just on a whim and I'm glad I found a hotel with a good price (and the room price includes breakfast). I'll write about this later on when we get back. YEEESSS!!!!

7. Taking these pictures make me happy:

Decoration behind a bed and breakfast in Sodankylä:

Saw pink sky again the other day, so I had to grab my camera to take some pics...


  1. No wonder your customers like you - You are a people person:) I'm glad they are treating you so nice.

  2. Love your lists, Amel. Hope you enjoy your trip. We are going to Rotterdam as well, probably next month if the weather nice :D

    Happy holidays.....

  3. Isn't it just awesome to have random strangers send you a smile, let alone a pot of flower or an encouragement? Sometimes I think God nudge these people to go the extra mile and be nice. Wish I could be like that too! hehehe..So glad you could go on a short trip!! Must be wonderful to be able to spend some relaxing time with hubby. =) Btw, drink cider? Do you make it yourself? I've been wondering how to make cider. heheheh

  4. @Rita: I'm actually not a people person. I don't have a large group of friends and I don't keep on trying to find new friends. I'm happy with the amount of close friends that I have he he...

    @Jul: HAVE FUN then in Rotterdam later on! :-D

    @Shinta: Yeah, that's what a close friend of mine said - that God nudge him to go the extra mile he he...Oh, we haven't gone on the trip yet, but we'll do it soon he he...

    No, never made my own cider. Always buy some from the supermarket. I used to love pear, but now I've tasted others, they're also very good. I esp. like the strawberry+lime combination. :-D

  5. How lovely of the kind old guy. But I'm not surprised people want to be nice to you and do stuff for you. You radiate kindness and thoughtfulness through your blog.

    If I don't message you before, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas with your family. Take care and enjoy.

  6. Oh, the old man is so nice! We need more thoughtful people like that in Singapore. Here people rush about, it's insane.

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  8. I'm impressed that you have customers that are nice and that you have built a rapport with them. I don't see that much in stores where I live.

  9. Whoa, Amel! I've just seen these pixs. They were lovely and breathtaking. Those customers are a bunch of nice people, nice place to live in. ;-)