Sunday, April 17, 2011

Budapest Trip: Labyrinth

FIL update: He's doing better now, but the doctor has told MIL to apply for a place in the old people's home 'coz he said that MIL couldn't possibly take care of FIL all alone in their apartment anymore. After all, now there needs to be at least two people to help him change position or things like that. So it doesn't seem like he can go back home again. :-((( Keep on praying for them to be able to get the peace beyond understanding to accept the things they can't change, please...


OK, now let's continue with our Budapest trip. As promised, in this post I'll talk about Labyrinth, an underground maze located in Castle Hill area. Our tour guide told us that it'd be more thrilling to go there after 6 pm 'coz then we had to take a lantern to walk through the maze, so we stayed in that area until 6 pm before we went there. The ticket price is 2000 HUF (around €7.5) per person, but we felt that it was REALLY worth it. We were there for an hour he he he...However, don't take the labyrinth too seriously 'coz some objects are really like for jokes only he he...

After paying our tickets, the only bad thing was that the receptionist didn't tell us to take some lanterns (the lanterns were on the other side of the receptionist's desk) so we entered without taking any. Not long after that we realized it was REALLY pitch dark there in some parts 'coz there were no lights at all, so we had to go back to get a lantern (we didn't take two 'coz one of us wanted to take pics, so it was more practical that way). I have to tell you, though, that it was really thrilling 'coz they put some sound effects there that made the whole experience felt so eerie hi hi hi hi...I wouldn't have gone there alone, but it was SO MUCH FUN going there with R2.

In some parts there were dead ends and maps. I let R2 guide the way and pick the way 'coz I'm not that good at reading maps ha ha ha ha ha...OK, before boring you all with the details, let me share some pics...

Goofing around in the dark...

In the pic below, R2 was posing with the backside of the same statue that I posed with in the above pic.

See how dark it can be? The photo below was taken without flash. In some parts it was almost impossible to see the details of the statues without coming close to them with your lantern.

This one is a VERY HUGE half-sunk head he he he...It was VERY dark in this part, so when I put the lantern closer to it, we were stunned to see this HUGE head hi hi...

Actually we missed one small, dark passage after passing through this huge head (we thought it was a dead end) so we went back to the place where there was a map and we went back here. A couple of women also experienced the same thing - they were confused. The dark passage that we missed was located in such a corner that if we didn't come VERY close to it with our lantern, it would be invisible to the eye. Crazy R2 told me that he thought it'd be more thrilling if nobody could bring a lantern along he he he he he...

Here's a little comparison (not the best comparison, but you get the idea):

The pic below was taken with night mode (no flash). Looks so eerie, eh? ;-D

R2 wanted to pose like that just for fun HA HA HA HA HA...I managed to cut off the lady's "paws" 'coz it was a narrow aisle and I couldn't really see well. I took another (better) pic, but R2's facial expression had changed, so this one is funnier he he...

This one below is supposedly some kind of forever running wine, but we weren't supposed to taste it. I didn't want to taste it, anyway ha ha ha...

OK, that's a wrap for todayyyyy...hope you've all been doing well there. Next week I'll be busier with work, so we'll see when I can continue with my travelogue. Take care, people!


  1. wow...great photos, Amel. But I don't think I dare going into that cave :D TOO dark and scary...

  2. LOL what fun!! never think that i will reach that place *doh*

  3. Great photos! The labyrinth is both interesting nice and kind of creepy. I'm a bit claustrophobic so i don't think I'd cope with that. :-\

    So sorry to hear about your FIL. As you know... we've been through similar ourselves. Love and sympathy to you all. x x x

  4. @Jul: You can then go during the day 'coz there are lights then. :-D

    @Trinity: Who knows???

    @Michelle: Ah, you're a bit claustrophobic? Yeah, I understand what you mean then. THANKS A LOT for your support and love!

  5. Wow, it looks amazing in there! The lanterns came in handy hey!

  6. Love all the pictures! but especially of R2 spanking that lady. bwahahahhahahhahaha!!! =D