Thursday, April 21, 2011

Budapest Trip: Gellert Hill

OK, now let's continue with my travelogue, shall we? We went to Gellert Hill after going to the spa, which was a HUGE mistake ha ha ha...but then again there was no other time to go there. The view from up there was just BREATHTAKING. Just be prepared to walk up so many stairs to get there, though ha ha...

As you can see from this pic below, we have to get to the top of the hill on the left side of the picture where there's a statue of a lady (click the pic to view a bigger version):

We were ready to cross the Freedom Bridge to get to Gellert Hill. Here's a pic of R2 with the bridge:

Now we started climbing up the stairs...

After about 10 minutes, we were finally up there!!! I've taken some video clips, but I'll upload them in a separate post, OK? Here are some views from the top.

Back there on my left side there's a resto, but we didn't go there 'coz it was a bit on the expensive side. Besides, I was craving for some Chinese food hi hi...

We wanted to wait until it got dark but it was so windy up there and it got cooler and cooler plus I got hungry already, so we decided to walk back down. When we got down, we took some pics from the bridge:

Hope you enjoyed the pics, people!!! And HAPPY EASTERRRRRRRRRRRR to you who celebrate it! :-D


  1. Amel, you do an awesome job of describing places you weren't at before!
    I've read this in your blogs before. I'm glad you are having fun!
    Thanks most of all for encouraging as my blog has taken a different direction. Really appreciated what you said yesterday !

  2. Wow...beautiful shots, Amel. I really enjoy reading your travel to Budapest. Maybe someday we could go there too. Maybe hi hi hi..