Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two More Highlights in Budapest

Before I continue showing you more pics, I forgot to add these two highlights in Budapest:

1. ISIS Day Spa.

We're both VERY satisfied with the spa experience. We chose a couple's package for two people (1.5 hours - Cleopatra bath plus 60 minute massage). After walking around EVERYWHERE for a few days, our feet were in need for some relaxation he he...

From the front, the place looked small, but it was very cosy inside (and VERY clean too!!!). In the beginning we had to fill in a form first (allergies, etc.) 'coz it was our first visit there. And we also had to choose which one of us wanted a masseur - I chose a masseuse, whereas R2 chose the masseur. The Cleopatra hot bath was very relaxing and we got to choose our own drinks (R2 chose wine) ha ha...

The massage was similar to our spa experience in Bali, though (unfortunately) the BEST massage experience (not spa experience 'coz the massage wasn't done in a real spa) we ever had was in Singapore. Remember the "triple price" lady??? (click on the link to read it if you haven't read it yet)

Anyway, we felt so relaxed and our bodies felt
(plus our feet) MUCH lighter after the bath and massage. It was just SPLENDID. The only thing I thought the place could do better is cover up the window of our massage room to make it darker. We were there at around 1 pm, so the sun was shining so brightly inside and I felt that I'd feel more relaxed if the place was "darker" (like the spa in Bali or in Bandung where they closed the blinds and turn on some candles).

But all in all I'd recommend this spa. Definitely. :-D

Our probably worst massage experience was in Rhodes 'coz their massage wasn't that good, though the spa was the loveliest ever and the price included rain shower and steam bath and sauna, but I prefer getting better massages than being in fancy spas that don't provide too satisfying massages.

2. Treehugger Dan's Bookstore and Cafe.

In the hotel we stayed in, they had this magazine filled with different lists of restaurants, bookstores, etc. and I noticed this used English bookstore (click on the link above). We went to the one in Csengery Street. There were SO many books there and I would have bought more than two, but we still wanted to look around other places and I didn't want to burden R2's back with more weight (he was the one who carried a backpack) 'coz he also bought one book. And as you know, books aren't exactly that light to carry, esp. if they're thick ones.

I bought two English novels. Each one cost 900 HUF (around €3.3). Many of the used books are still in very good shape, so I really enjoy browsing there. If I ever go back to Budapest (I think we may just go back there again someday), I'll make sure I go back to that store, as well ha ha ha ha ha ha...

OK that's all for now. I'm pretty tired now so I'm gonna rest and relax. Take care, people!!!


  1. We don't buy too much books lately. Because doesn't have much space for books anymore. Need bigger house hi hi hi hi... I am looking forward to have E-books.

  2. The spa sounded lovely, I could do with visiting one right now!

  3. @Jul: Yeah, e-books sound like a great idea if you don't have much space for books anymore. :-D

    @The World According to Me: Wish you could have a spa treatment sometime soon then. :-D