Monday, April 25, 2011

3BT: Random Days

1. A customer told me, "Don't EVER stop working here! I'll be disappointed if you stop working here." :-D :-D :-D

2. Gave the little girl whom I adore (who also likes me) some candies. :-D

3. Spring is finally here. Though there's still some snow left in the yard, but yesterday I spent half an hour sunbathing on the swing while reading a novel.

4. Going back to my regular exercise regime after not having been doing it regularly for months.

5. Taking this silly picture and making MIL giggle so much. Note: Actually R2 was the one who inspired me. He was eating some candies and he bit off a little bit of one part of the candies and shoved both candies to his teeth to make "fake fangs" so I followed suit and R2 took this pic.

6. Knowing that MIL has many friends who take her out on a walk or invite her in or do other things with her 'coz it doesn't seem that FIL can go back home to live with her anymore.

7. MIL has been going to sauna with us here once a week and we've had fun playing cards together in our kitchen table.

8. Doing spring cleaning (only halfway done), but it feels GREAT to have a clean house.

9. Having some days off due to Easter holiday and being able to relax at home with hubby.

10. A few days ago I got my return tax information (which will be transferred to my bank account in December) and this is the first time I can get MUCH more than I thought I could get ('coz I had started working last year). WOOOOHHOOOOO!!! I can save the money in December!!!

11. Having a caring, understanding immediate superior who laughs and smiles a lot and who works well under stress. I don't think I can handle it being in that position.

12. Finding a pair of cute sandals in a local auction online shop for Ken (which I hope are still too big for him so that he can wear them later). :-D

13. A few days ago I ordered a not-too-expensive outdoor grill (to be used with coal). Can't wait to grill some food outside. I'm dying to grill some fish and eat it with soy sauce with chili!!! :-D Maybe I should invite my MIL, BIL and SIL to have a grill party sometime. :-D

14. Being able to understand jokes when customers throw some at me. A few years back I felt stumped 'coz I had to have jokes translated by hubby to me and it's just not fun to have to listen to translated jokes 'coz then it's not fun to "laugh later on your own", so I'm THANKFUL to be able to understand jokes.

15. Having a hubby who rarely complains (the only time he complains is when he's frustrated about fixing a computer or gaming or when there's a long queue, but other than that he rarely complains) and I don't want to take that for granted.

16. Sense of humour and people who smile. :-D

17. Hubby's making pancake today. WHOOOOPPPPEEEEE!!! :-D


  1. HAHAHAHHAA!! Love that picture!!! =D I totally agree: having a caring and understanding boss is such a blessing. =D

    Hope you get to grill outside soon! We did last week. So much fun! =D

  2. Loving your list. And your fangs!
    I love spring. Nice to hear the weather is warmer there.

  3. What a wonderful lists, Amel. Fun photo of yours.

  4. Yeah, silly pix! LOL!! ;-P Great list, btw.

    I read your travelogue and it was awesome. Thanks for sharing. :-) I'm sorry about your FIL and MIL... hope for the best to the both of them.