Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pay Triple?

As you probably know, R2 and I went to Singapore for a few days in between our trip to Indo. After walking SO much for a few days, a day before we were supposed to fly back to Indo, we decided to find a massage place to have a full-body massage. After our WONDERFUL spa experience in Bali, having a full-body massage was something we wanted to have a relaxing massage for our sore body/legs/feet.

So we went to a mall in Singapore on a rainy Sunday afternoon and found this massage parlour there. There were two Chinese ladies there that barely spoke English to us, but we thought that it was fine since we didn't have to talk too much.

We were given separate booths since it was a small place (unlike the spa in Bali where we could lie down side by side) and we were told to take off our clothes and put on the disposable panties. Everything went well and the massage (we chose deep tissue massage) was EXCELLENT!!!

After a while (we lost track of time obviously since we were enjoying ourselves), the masseuse in Arttu's booth asked him something that was really unclear. I heard: "Half hour? Half hour? Hour?"

Since we couldn't really get it, we just said yes HA HA HA HA HA HA...I was thinking if she wanted to ask if we wanted half an hour massage or an hour massage. Anyway, so they kept on massaging us (we were first lying face down and then we were told to lie on our backs).

When everything was done, we dressed up and paid. There was a little bit of confusion when we were going to pay. At first I was going to pay for the both of us, but they wouldn't let me. They pointed at Arttu to pay on his own.


Weird, isn't it? Anyhow, turned out that we had to pay for a 1,5 hour full-body massage. So the question that one masseuse asked us was whether or not we wanted to PROLONG the massage!!! However, since we weren't aware of the time, we didn't think she was asking about such a question. Well, it was okay, though, since I think the total price was still worthwhile, considering their GREAT service!

After walking out of that place, however, Arttu giggled and said that the masseuse asked him something that he didn't understand. She tried again and again, but still he didn't understand. Then she pointed at his "thingie" and asked, "Pay triple?"

OF COURSE HE SAID NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geeeeeeeeeeeeee...I was SO surprised since the place didn't look like the kind of place that offered such a plus-plus service!!! Oh dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...well, in the end it became our private joke, though. Sometimes we'd say to each other, "Triple price, dear?" LOL LOL LOL!!!

And this story made his brother and cousin laugh, too. I bet it's going to make my in-laws laugh, too, when we visit them this Saturday he he he he he...


  1. hehehh Amel. that's funny... I'm surprise that they things like that too.. I figured it's because they always offer Ang Mo perhaps..heheheh

  2. Very cute.

    This will be up on SlogBite as you requested.

  3. the massage places do get a bad rap for wanting to do more than just "massage".

  4. hahaha...funny. I've also heard bad story about such massage place

  5. Oh no not really Amelia...not to you!! This is so funny..Oh my I would have been so shocked...and I know you had to have been too!!


  6. Oh dear! It's not allowed in these massage places you know! There was a big raid by the police some years back because too many massage parlours were sprouting all over the neighbourhoods. Many women complained that their husbands were seduced and visiting these places too often.

    Aiya, now I know these things are still going on. Shame on them! Actually I have signed up a massage package in town with a nice massage place for 12 sessions. So far, I haven't had time to go at all. I did think of offering it to you guys but thought you may not be able to find time and the place. I should have sent you guys there. It's all paid for and would be wasted if nobody uses it.

  7. You've got to be kidding? I bet that was a bit of a shock for both of you.

    I love your picture!


  8. Psst Arttu, send me the name of the place later...

  9. LJ: Yeah, even though it was shocking at first, but it was really funny in the end. Goshhh!!! ;-D

    SlogBite: THANKS, Mel! ;-D

    Vince: That's VERY true. At first before I found out about this incident, I was going to recommend the place (I took their card before we left the place), but not anymoorreeeee!!!

    Shinade: did happen to us he he he he...LOL!!!

    Blur Ting: it's not allowed? I thought it was just a common thing, though we didn't expect that particular place to offer such a service.

    Indeed shame on them! I was planning on recommending them in my blog BEFORE I found out about this. I still keep their name card!

    We also didn't know when we would have time for a massage. I tried calling a spa place (I had browsed the internet and some people said it was good), but since I didn't call days before, it was fully booked already! That was why we just decided to choose whichever one we found on the way.

    Well, then, now you should find time to go to that massage place!!! :-)))) THANKS for thinking of us anyway! ;-D

    Lori: Yep, it was shocking for us!

    CH: HA HA HA HA...He'll not remember it, but I keep their name card! ;-D

  10. Oh My, I'd have loved to see Arttu's face when she asked "Triple?"! :-D

    I like the R2 for Arttu... so much easier to spell.

  11. Michelle: Yeah, it would've been a sight to behold!!! LOL!!! ;-D

    R2 always reminds me of R2D2 HA HA HA HA...

  12. PRICELESS! ROFL... It's funny things like this that you will remember forever!

    Maybe she thought triple price for triple the size? ;P LOL!!!

    Charlie Hotel got it covered... very funny! :D

  13. Michelle: Yeah, indeed we shall remember this forever. We were shaking our head in disbelief for a while after leaving that massage parlour HA HA HA HA HA HA...

    Triple price for triple the size? LOOOOLLL!!!!!!!

  14. LOL!!! That masseuse really got a nerve to ask R2 when you were right in the booth next to him. Such an experience!!! :D