Monday, October 10, 2011

Winter Is Coming Soon!

Last Friday we had a chance to finally go to the cabin again. The weather that day was awful (it rained during half the day and it was so windy), but we had a nice, relaxing time there anyway. I bought some fruit-scented candles to make the cabin smell nice. R2 had a tough time lighting the fireplace in the cabin, though he didn't have any trouble making fire to warm up the sauna. When we got there, the weather outside was probably around 3'C and the cabin was 7'C, but after a few hours, the cabin was as warm as 21-22'C.

We ate before heading to sauna and we were in sauna for a LONG time. We got outside a few times to cool down (it didn't take long to cool down 'coz the wind was strong and chilly) and then we got back inside the sauna.

We listened to the radio and I realized something. Years back when I first moved to Finland, we went to the cabin and when the radio show hosts were talking about something or even joking with each other, the only person who laughed would be R2, but now I am able to laugh at the jokes as well. It's a nice feeling - looking backward and realizing that I've made it this far. The road ahead is still long and winding, but it's encouraging to see progress. :-D Any kind of progress - no matter how little it is - should be celebrated, don't you think? :-D

Before we went to bed at around midnight, R2 burned some more firewood in the fireplace, but when we got up at around 9 am, the cabin's temperature had dropped down to 14-15'C. No wonder when it's really cold outside, whenever we stay at the cabin, R2 has to get up during the night to burn more firewood to make sure that we won't be freezing in the morning he he...

Anyhow, let me just share some pictures...for some reason I'm in no mood to talk about our Indo/Bangkok holiday yet, so you just have to wait ha ha ha...

Below is a pic of the fruit-scented candle:

Yesterday it snowed a little. I was working when I saw the snow. First snow in Sodankylä this year on October 9th, 2011. SO VERY BEAUTIFUL! Just like the scene of my dream years and years ago - I was inside this room filled with huge windows, looking outside a snowy village. I can't wait to have everything white again (of course the snow didn't last yet 'coz the temperature is still a little above 0'C during the day) 'coz it'll make everything brighter.

Anyhow, take care, people! I think I should start my light therapy again before SAD attacks with full force 'coz I'm starting to get lethargic again (sleepy, not in the mood to do anything).

Btw, I finally got a chance to test my three-legged tripod (the first pic in this post was taken using this tripod below). It's a very light tripod and the three legs can be bent as you please. For the first pic, I wrapped the legs of the tripod to a tree branch. :-D Very handy, eh? :-D And it wasn't expensive at all, either. :-D


  1. Your will to learn a new language is very impressive!

  2. Ting: THANK YOU for your compliment. I've got plenty of help from my in-laws (which I meet almost every week). Their non-ability to speak English has helped me greatly to force myself to use Finnish. :-)))

  3. it's remarkable how quickly into the fall it gets cold in Finland. I'm glad that you have a place (the cabin) where it makes the winter kinda nice ! By the way, it's nice to see you blogging. I know you were really busy before (& life/work is more important than writing about life), but I missed seeing your blogs during that that period of time last month. :)