Sunday, April 15, 2012

Memories: Best Friends

I have 6 friends whom I consider best friends from Indo. We all live in different places now. I met four of them in Junior High and 2 of them in High School. The degree of closeness between us varies and fluctuates, because we are all different people with different interests and each has such a busy life nowadays, but we still keep in touch until now (mostly via emails) and share our lives with one another. 

All of us got our boyfriends rather late in life (either after we were at uni or after we graduated from uni), so that meant that we enjoyed so much quality time together without boyfriend troubles or without having to consider dates with boyfriends. Plus, 'coz some of us had long-distance relationships, that meant that we could still hang out together a lot. The first of us to get married was when she was 25 years old. 

What did we do to have fun back then? Before any one of us started learning how to drive, we went by public transit to the cinemas. Mostly we just went to eat in a cheap restaurant, watched movies in a cinema, then browsed around the stores to look for cute stuff we couldn't afford buying. I'm sure shopkeepers used to dislike us 'coz we would touch so many cute things on the display and discuss them with one another without buying anything he he he he he hehhhh...

After we got to uni, we became busier 'coz we went to different universities and faculties and we had different schedules and some of us had started becoming private tutors, but we still met quite often. By then we had more pocket money (esp. those who had started becoming private tutors) and some of us had got driver's licenses and cars, so we had more freedom. We usually just went to malls or stores and different cafes (trying out different cafes or restaurants), CD stores and cinemas. Or we just drove around in somebody's car around the city while talking about nothing and giggling. We'd stay in a cafe for hours and just enjoy being with one another. Some talks could become deeper, some were just us joking around and teasing one another. Another thing we loved doing was also stay in someone's place and talk and joke around. We'd also arrange sleepovers every now and then.

Life seemed more uniformed back then, esp. before we went to uni. After uni when we went to different faculties and universities and then we went to work, it seemed that life took us to very different directions 'coz by then some of us moved to different places already. It got harder and harder to really understand what's going on in my friends' lives, esp. if I haven't had any experiences in that area, but that doesn't mean that I don't try to understand as best as I can.

Anyhow, each of us has plenty of fond memories of those days (and each of us longs to repeat those days whenever the mood strikes). One time we even wrote a silly story together - each of us wrote some pages and then the others took turns in continuing it. Did we ever finish it? No, but last time I went back to Indo, I got the books from a friend who was the one keeping them for us. It was so funny to read how different personalities affected the characters and the plot. Yeah, the characters didn't stay the same throughout because each of us could change them as much as we could and I giggled like crazy when I reread the story.

Some of us did have some clashes at some time, but it was mostly due to misunderstanding and once the misunderstanding was resolved, we all got back together again.

I remember that years and years ago, one best friend's much younger sister sharing her envy about our friendship at one time. At that time she had just moved to our hometown and she did have friends, but the friendship wasn't like ours. I was surprised to hear that, but as time went by I realized even more that what we have is so precious and that it's so hard to find best friends like these girls (not just people to hang out with and have fun with).

I can rely on them to keep my secrets and they've never backstabbed me nor said bad things about me. We've shared our innermost thoughts and feelings with one another - some more than others - but the main point being is that they've shaped me, helped me, supported me, encouraged me, inspired me, accepted me for who I am, entertained me, enlightened me, taught me things I'd never have learnt on my own, and in the end they have made my world all the more colourful


  1. Huhuhu... terharu Mel... can't say more words :')
    I SOOO LOOVVEEE you all!! A piece of heaven on earth! :-*

  2. @Piot: HUUUGGGSSSS!!!! LOVE you too! Yep...a piece of heaven on earth is the correct description! :-D