Wednesday, April 04, 2012

End of March Photos

Yep, not going to ramble about anything today...just wanna show you some photos I took last Saturday. Here they are... 

It was snowing heavily during the afternoon...but then the sun was really persistent. It was peeping in the background. Quite a sight, actually. To see all the snow and the vague sun. :-D

These two photos below were taken about 15-20 minutes later, after the snow stopped falling. :-D

Don't you think that from this angle, it resembles the tongue of a snake? :-D 


  1. Lovely! I'm still rooting for warmth, though. :)

  2. I have to say, your enthusiasm for even more snow is impressive! When new snow started falling here in Helsinki earlier in the week, I honestly nearly cried with frustration. But you're right - it is beautiful, and we shouldn't wish such beauty away just because we're a tad impatient for spring :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! especially the ones with the snow and the sun. Beautiful!

  4. @Elena: It could still get down to -17'C during the night he he...but yeah, it does get warmer during the day. :-D

    @Katriina: Well, don't get me wrong. I DO miss seeing green and not just snow all the time, but what happened the other day was really lovely. And every time I want to complain about snow, I think of all the Indo people who've never seen snow who'd do anything just to be able to be here to experience it he he...

    @Shinta: THANKS, girl!!! My pics didn't do justice to the real deal. I wish I could have showed people what I see with my own eyes. :-D

  5. Snow always looks pretty. And I love your last photo. I can see the tongue resemblance!

  6. It's hard to imagine that is is still snowing in April!

  7. wow...still lots of snow :D Love your orchid shot, Amel.

  8. @The World According to Me: Snow can look ugly when it's half melting and then frozen again...dirty and ugly he he he...glad you enjoyed the photo, though. :-D

    @Blur Ting: Yeah, tell me about it!!! :-D Sometimes I forget that in other parts of Europe the flowers are blooming already by now he he...where over here we can't even see the green grass yet.

    @Jul: Yeah, they're starting to melt more now though 'coz it's been sunny for the past two days. :-D Glad you enjoyed the photo.