Thursday, April 12, 2012

3BT: Random Days

1. Loving my bike's speedometer 'coz it encourages me to ride my bike even more (and faster if possible - sometimes when the road is icy or thickly covered in snow, it's impossible). Plus it's not expensive at all! 

2. Rain!!! It means the temperature is warm enough to melt the snow bit by bit.

3. The upcoming free dinner paid by the company. It'd be nice to finally be able to sit down with all my colleagues and just chit-chat and laugh and enjoy a nice meal together without having to think about work.

4. Missing hubby whenever I have an evening shift ('coz we'll only meet at night).

5. Remembering a fond memory of hubby that just warms up my heart no matter how grey it is outside.

6. Hearing news that there'll be a slight raise of the hourly wage because the union had fought for this for all of us in my field of work. Thank you, union!

7. They still had the lovely ice-cream at the store, so I bought a package yesterday (it's a special kind that only came in a certain batch and once the batch is gone, then there'll be no more).

8. Making kampanisut with MIL's recipe and it turned out just LOVELY!!! (I'd been craving for some lately - the day I baked it, I ate 3 right after they were done ha ha...)

9. Having a space to fume over something unpleasant I heard and feeling glad after having let it all out. :-D

10. Going back to normal after PMS and period mood wrecking out my balance.

11. The knowledge that my parents are proud of us, even though they have never said it verbally. And that they love us even though they don't actually say "I love you" verbally, either. This kind of knowledge is VERY precious and I cherish it with all my heart and soul.


  1. Yay to all of these!

    Tell me, what are "kampanisut" - I haven't come across those before.

    Also, am pretty curious to hear what flavour the ice cream was!

  2. @Katriina: Click on kampanisut and you'll see the recipe and the pic (though I use a slightly different recipe).

    The ice-cream flavour is Crisp and Cake Stracciatella (brand name is Gelatelli). :-D

  3. congrats on the raise. It seems like there's fewer and fewer unions in the US to my disappointment. Glad they are alive & well in Europe.

  4. @ChicagoWing: Yeah, thanks to the union that I could enjoy a little raise this year he he...I'm also glad that they seem to be alive and well over here. :-)