Sunday, April 07, 2013

Back from Rome: Our Caricatures

Just got back from our "winter" holiday in Rome (yeah, officially it's spring already but it's considered our allocated winter holiday from work LOL!). One of the highlights was having our caricatures done. I had been dying to have it done since years ago, but hadn't had a chance to do so. While strolling along one of the streets in Rome, we happened to pass by a group of artists. Some of them were merely selling their artworks (scenery pics of Rome), but some of them drew portraits or caricatures (they had prepared a few chairs as well as a few displays of their art). I was very interested 'coz they had put up big price lists and I thought that they were pretty reasonable.

There were perhaps around 10 artists doing that in that particular place at that time and only two of them weren't busy. R2 was at first doubtful (I don't think it ever crossed his mind to have such a thing done LOL!) and while we were talking about it in front of the empty chairs, the artist came over to ask if we'd like something done. R2 was wondering if it would be better to have our portraits done, but I told him that it'd be more fun to have our caricatures done instead. When we asked about the prices, though, R2 quickly became sure he wanted to have our caricatures done LOL!!!! The price per portrait is €30, but if the both of us wanted to be in it, then it'd be €40. A caricature costs €10 and it'd be €20 for the both of us. The sign said that it'd take around 10 minutes per face, so we agreed and down we sat!

There were many onlookers all around, so it was kinda unnerving that we had to pose in front of him. First he told me to look a little bit to the right (my right) and then he told me to smile. I had to keep that position until he was done. After that he told R2 to do the same thing. I was REALLY tempted to take a video clip of what he was doing with R2, BUT I didn't want to ruin the surprise. I wanted to look at it together with him without knowing what it would be like LOL!!! But I did take these pics while he was doing R2's caricature. :-D

And here's the final product. We're both VERY pleased with it. :-D I think he captured our inner selves very well. :-D

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