Thursday, April 04, 2013

Honey, You Make Me Fat!

I hear those words from R2's lips every now and then LOL!!! You see, normally he eats a normal meal once a day. In the morning and evening he'd drink coffee with a sweet bun, a piece of sweet bread, or a slice of cake (depending on whichever I buy/make for him). During the night while watching TV together, though, sometimes he can't resist temptation, esp. if I've make him something that he likes. On the other hand, I'm someone who eats small portions of food MANY times a day (esp. when I'm working, I tend to eat more depending on what kind of shift it is - if I have to use more physical energy at work, then I'll eat more).

One thing that I like preparing for the both of us is chili tuna puff pastry. So I just have to buy a package of frozen puff pastry from the supermarket as well as Pirkka Tonnikalaa chilikastikkeessa (a can of chili tuna). Then I'll take out the frozen puff pastry and wait until they're soft, cut them into slices, and just spread the chili tuna on top of the slices, put them in the oven until they're brown. The chili tuna is already hot enough and delicious enough so that I don't even have to add any spices there. Easy peasy! So whenever I make something like this (or other types of snacks that we both like), he'd sometimes tell me, "Honey, you make me fat!" LOL!!!

The other day he joked to me that whenever we travel, he'd find this type of trouble: I tend to get hungry more easily ('coz of my eating habit), so we end up eating more often than he'd like to eat, BUT more often than not, he doesn't want to just sit there and drink something if I'm eating something in front of him. 

So he said, "Let's say we travel somewhere, then as usual you'd get hungry more often than me and I'd have to eat, too. And then I'd try to tell myself that I'll compensate the eating with walking some more...BUUUUTTT then because of all the walk, you'll get hungry even more....ARRRGGHHH!!! Honey, you make me fat!!!"

ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL...what a vicious cycle! :-D :-D :-D I LOVE growing old with him! He makes me laugh! :-D


  1. So...more reason to do sport :D

    1. I exercise regularly, except when I'm under the weather/sick, but R2 doesn't want to LOL!!!