Tuesday, April 02, 2013

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby upgraded my computer and had to change my mouse into a bigger one (the old one had to be taken away 'coz the port behind the CPU had changed, so it didn't fit anymore). I then complained that it was a bit too big for me (I have small hands), so immediately he went online to order a smaller one. BLESS HIM!!!!

2. Hubby's been having some holiday (due to accumulated overtime) and it's been LOVELY to be welcomed back home from work with tight hugs. :-D

3. Got two nice surprises (I'm afraid I can't tell you what they are 'coz it's private, but I just want to cherish them) he he he he he...

4. Peeling onions wearing swimming goggles WORKED!!! I didn't even shed a tear during the whole peeling and chopping process! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!


5. A customer came by and told me that she had read my blogs and enjoyed them. THANK YOU!!! Your words of encouragement are well appreciated! :-D What a nice surprise!

6. Muscles that are a bit sore after an exercise and a shower. Endorphin rush is awesome! :-D

7. Accidentally finding old songs in youtube that you had forgotten and then being able to enjoy them once more.

8. Watching this fun video clip


  1. Bless hubby and his tight hugs and ordering.
    So the goggles worked? May have to try them!

    1. Yeah, I was skeptical when I tried them on, but they sure worked wonders! :-D