Sunday, July 21, 2013

Busy Week

Been busy this week - fighting off the symptoms of a cold (and possibly sinusitis) as well as working and trying to rest enough and then going to the cabin is enough to make me silent online. So far I've managed to fight off the symptoms by drinking lots of warm tea with fresh lemon as well as cleaning my nose with a Neti Pot (it's called "sarvikuono" - meaning rhinoceros - in Finnish).

I took my camera with us to the cabin, but unfortunately I must've done something wrong when recharging the battery 'coz it was empty when I took it out. Dohhhhh!!!! It was such a shame 'coz we saw lots of birds there including some ducks walking on the side of an empty street, a hare, and there were lots of lovely raindrops on leaves after the rain this morning. Oh time then! I took some pics using my mobile phone camera, but they don't come out as well. Still it was a lovely and relaxing trip. MIL stayed in the old house as well and she made some pancakes. We ate them with fresh strawberries, fresh cloudberries, and some cream. Yummy!!!

There're already autumn colours showing here and there. It's such a weird summer. I think the leaves have started changing colours already 'coz about two weeks ago the temperature dropped down to 2'C during the morning (at least that's what a local wrote in her FB wall post). Although the day temperature can still get up to 10-17'C, but the night temperature can be colder than that. I've just checked the weather prediction site and it seems that it can go up to 22'C on Wed and Thu. We shall see. Yesterday it was only about 13-14'C during the day but today it is a few degrees warmer.

Here are some pics I took with my mobile phone:


  1. The temperature in our place today was 27 degree C. We went out only in the morning and the rest of the day, just stay inside the house. Thanks GOD, Matthew is calm today. He didn't ask to go outside like usual. Tomorrow will be warmer than today :(( I never like Summer in here hi hi hi...

    1. Oh, you don't like hot weather? Interesting he he...Good to hear that Matthew didn't ask to go outside then. :-)

  2. Pretty as a picture.
    Hope you're still fighting off that cold.