Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Is Back!

Yep, it's been great weather for the past few days again, going up as high as 25-27'C under the sun during the day, but thankfully it gets cooler during the night ha ha can go down to around 17'C during the night, but due to the colder weather weeks ago that lasted for a while, I can see some autumn colours already. COOL!!! Usually here in Lapland autumn only lasts for a few weeks and when there are strong gusts of wind, soon enough the leaves will have fallen to the ground already, so I don't get too many chances to take pics of autumn colours. 

Anyway, due to a friend's request, I made a daisy wreath yesterday when we spent time with MIL in Keluj√§rvi. They grew wild there, so I could pick them up to my heart's content. It was actually my first time making a wreath on my own and in the beginning I had a bit of a hard time forming the "round crown shape". It was SO hot that the daisies wilted not long after R2 took this pic. 

Here are some autumn colour pics. Today I went for a walk near the river 'coz I just felt like it he he...gotta enjoy the hot days here as best as I can 'coz we have a short summer up here. Just look at how blue the sky was! :-D

Boy, time flies so fast. Next month I'm gonna have another nephew. Because we're planning to go to Indo next year, I'm gonna start buying gifts from now - whenever there are good deals or summer sales, it's always a good time to start buying them ha ha ha ha...

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