Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Flu Season Has Arrived

I've noticed from my FB feed that it's that time of the year again, but I hope I can avoid the bugs even though I've contracted a little bit of cough. I sure don't want to be sick! I've been trying to get enough sleep whenever I have days off (especially then) and I've been taking multivitamins as well. The weather has been exceptionally warm still considering the fact that it's already halfway through September. A friend who lives in Holland told me the other day that there was hail and even a snow flurry over there, even though the lowest temperature was still 7'C. I sure do hope that we're going to have a white Christmas here because otherwise it's gonna be SO VERY DARK then. *crossing my fingers*

Oh, one friend who lived here for a while is planning to visit us again around Christmas. I sure hope I can schedule my work shifts in such a way so that we'll be able to spend time together. Otherwise it'd be such a shame because she and her boyfriend will be here only for a few days. Let's just hope we can meet again. I can't wait!!! :-D

Anyway, last weekend we had a relaxing weekend with MIL in Kelujärvi and after sauna the half moon was hanging low in the sky. I've never seen the moon hanging so low in Indonesia. Here are two versions of the photo:

For some reason I have no inspiration to write anything else ha ha ha ha...The trees are getting barer and barer. During the weekend we managed to rake some leaves and we compiled already 3-4 sacks of dead leaves,but now our yard is covered by them again. Before I had my own yard, I never knew that raking leaves after the rain was TOUGH, but it was also tough when it was too windy outside ha ha ha ha ha...The best time to rake the leaves is when it's been dry outside, but there's not much wind, so the leaves aren't stuck to the ground.

OK, over and out...about to drink my orange ginger tea because I've been sneezing he he he...Stay healthy, people!


  1. Jason and Matthew are just get better too from flu. Last weekend, Jason had fever. Lovely photos, Amel.

    1. Oh, poor kiddies...glad to know they're better now.