Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Who In Fiction Are You?

I found this funny test through a friend's FB and I tried it and I got this result (confirming what I had just realized about myself):

You are Jane Eyre:

To understand you is to love you. As a deep thinking, passionate yet quiet soul you may be more comfortable expressing your ideas, and ideals, through the written word rather than verbally. Lost in dreams, you may appear distant and undemonstrative to some, but when people get to know you, they discover a warm and kind friend.

Jane describes herself as "poor, obscure, plain and little" and you may be your own harshest critic. Despite your quiet nature, and discomfort with conflict, you will find your voice, and stand up for causes you feel passionate about.

Why don't you try it as well and let me know your result? :-D I think my result suits me, especially the part that I highlighted. :-D Here's the link:

Who In Fiction Are You?


  1. Interesting post.This is who I am:

    You are Mma Ramotswe from The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
    Mma Ramotswe relies on her intuition and understanding of people, rather than attention to the details of the law, to help her solve cases. Her rare insight into how people work is something you share.

    Your quest for finding meaning in life draws you towards jobs that help you make the world a better place. Although you’re generally calm and laid-back, on bad days you can become introverted, stubborn and inflexible, and you have a strong dislike for conflict. Yet you are capable of achieving so much, including great writing, if you’d only give yourself more credit.

    I'd say that's pretty accurate!

    1. THANKS for sharing, Nikki! I've found some people with the same result as yourself. I can attest to the great writing part. I LOVE reading what you've written. :-D