Monday, November 03, 2014

Writing Challenge: The Voice(s) in My Head

(Note: Welcome to my brain HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHH...)
Bah! The water is so choppy. No more opportunity to take mirror-like surface photos like the other day.

Should I go left or right? Hmmm...Oh, shoot, there was someone coming out from the path on the right. That surprised me!

Heeeeeeeeey, but that means that there must be a path that he had been trailing to get here, so how about going there?

Nah, let's go left first.

Hmmmm...doesn't seem like this path is going anywhere, so let's go to the right instead.

Interesting. This place is much quieter than the other path, but then again the view was better over there. No wonder lots of people went there for a walk or a run. However, this path is perfect if I want to avoid people. Yes, I shall keep that in mind.

Okay, now let's go take some photos while the sun is out. Which angle?

First from the ground up. Use the octopus legs and the timer, I'm going to be the model. Okay, ready, get set, go!

Nope, not good. The sun is shining straight to the camera, making me look dark. Gotta change the direction. Turn the camera the other way around. Okay, here we go, let's pose again!

Looks fine. Hey, there's a tree there where you can put wrap the  octopus legs around and probably get a pretty good angle of the path and some blue sky.

Urrrggghhhh...come on now, octopus legs! Work with me! Urrrggghhhh...I'm glad nobody else is here so I can do this for as long as I need without feeling embarrassed.

Finally! Now first pose. Umm...maybe now I should pretend to walk the other way so that the camera captures my back.

Yeah, and your Vienna bag.

Ha does it look?

Good. Now I want to have a closer-up look, but what pose? A regular stand-up smiling pose is booooooriiiiiing. Okay, how abouuuutttt this? A little peek-a-boo pose? YES, that looks nice enough.

Brrrr...the wind is kinda chilly and my bladder is screaming already. Damn bladder. Why are you so noisy? No sign of toilets nearby. Shite!

Hmmmm...but then again this place is very quiet, so I can probably hide behind some bushes behind the path...let's see if I can find a rather secluded spot.

Hey, I think that spot is pretty hidden. Let's try going there. Ugh. Not that easy, but must go a little bit further. Okay, from this angle I don't think I can be seen that easily, can I?

Okay, I've got the tissue out, so come on, hurry up before anyone passes by!

YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!! I'm safe! Nobody saw me.

Well, unless someone uses a pair of binoculars and zooms in to this spot, that is!

SHUT UP! Don't even think about something like that, idiot!

Ah, I feel so light now. Let's take a few more photos and then go back home, shall we?


  1. Brilliant! I'm always talking to myself, and I often wonder what conversations over people have in their head!
    I bet we wouldn't want to know some peoples!
    Your voice in your head made me laugh,

    1. The voices in my head aren't always so funny he can feel like a courtroom battle sometimes in there LOL! But I bet it's similar in other people's brains, too. Ahem...