Thursday, February 12, 2015

Movie Memory: Moulin Rouge

You know how finding old songs can bring out a certain memory or flashback, right? Well, the other day I was suddenly in the mood to listen to a song in Moulin Rouge again and it brought me back to the past. I saw the movie with my mom at the cinema. I used to be able to go out with my mom every now and then, treat her food or go to the cinema with me. This was one of the movies that she liked. Yep, not all of the movies I took her to were her taste (though she always let me decide) ha ha ha ha ha...If she didn't really like the movie, she didn't complain, but she'd fall asleep in the middle of it LOL!!! Funny how seeing her fall asleep on the chair reminded me of my grandma (her mom) dozing off so many times on the couch. Whenever we told her to lie down in bed, she'd refuse and pretend that she wasn't sleeping, though every single time she'd fall right back to sleep on the couch ha ha ha ha...

Anyway, I saw Moulin Rouge with my mom but during the last scene my bladder was screaming like crazy. I had no idea how much longer the movie was going to be and the toilet was a bit far away, but I took a chance because I was afraid there'd be a long queue if I waited until the movie ended (as what usually was the case). When I came back, I found out that I had missed the climax. Doh! My mom had to tell me what was going on. She said it was a good story. :-D 

Any movie/song memory you'd like to share with me?

Here's one lovely song from the movie: 

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  1. I've never seen this film, I've no idea why as I'm sure I'd love it.
    Songs are great like that aren't they, taking us back in time.